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The Man In Black

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Hi all, I just hoped you could give me a bit of info that I can't find on the main site

1) If I was interested in going to some reserve games (only games it looks like I'll see this season, and anything is better than nothing :D ) and don't have a season ticket does anyone know how much they charge?

2) Is parking available in the Winterstoke Road car park?

3) Anyone else go along once in a while or would I be alone in a 20,000 seater stadium?

Cheers in advance

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Guest dolman oap

Hi, I go to every reserve match at home.

It costs £2 if not a season ticket holder.

plenty of parking (free) by shop or round by williams stand.

about 50 to 100 go each match, and we have quite a laugh.

worth going in my mind, just to see the youngters.

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