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Swine Town Highest Attten Since Man Utd Played

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Guest swindonite

We had at least 1 gate over 15,000 in the 97/98 season (was that the 1 season you managed in D1? :unsure: ), certainly the Middlesborough game that season. Tha capacity has been reduced since then to 14500 and an FA cup game 3 years ago was a near sell-out.

Despite our low gates and your "massive" gates you've still not spent a season a division above since something like 1986. :dunno::D

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Guest shilton_red

We reduced capacity to put in a safety buffer in the North stand between home and away fans on plod advice . I think capacity is now 14,777 .

We won the League cup , youve won fu*ck all.

Are you Arsenal in disguise ??????????

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