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If you are going by car

best route J15 second swindon junction A345 great western hospital

round about queens drive all the way to the magic roundabout

first pub spotted cow on the left drive carefully its on a blind brow of the hil

second pub the sun on the left opp texaco which is on the right

third pub bulldog on right next to another texaco garage

all the pubs above are big pubs with out side drinking facilities

f you are going by train great western pub right out side ground

but no football colours please

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According to Central South teletext, Swinedead Dibbles are expecting trouble, and are warning fans not to travel without tickets, and to behave. :sub: Maybe no pubs will be open :sub: ....Be careful of the Swine out there tomorrow, :sub: peops..and come on You Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds, Super Robbo to score!! :sub::):laugh:

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