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Bradford Pa At Valley Parade

Percy Parrot

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Meeting today apparently. What is everyone's thoughts. I think Horsfall would be too small, but Valley Parade would be too big surely. It holds over 25,000!!!! I can't imagine us taking any more than 400-500 and they won't get THAT many- will they. Maybe a few thousand? Mind you, the other option of Odsal (Bradford Bulls) may be just as big- not too sure.

But I hope it is held up there rather than AG- it's what the FA cup is all about.

IF if is held at Valley Parade- it will prob be on a Sunday as Bradford play Walsall on the Sat.

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Guest lobster

Judging from press reports, it depends on whether Sky elect to show the game.


There should be no question of playing the match anywhere other than Horsfall. It's a lovely draw given PA's history as a Football League club and it is only right and proper that the game is held at their home patch. The games at Heybridge and Harrogate were all the more memorable because of the grass roots venues.

When PA went out of the league in 1970, it was felt that Bradford wasn't big enough to have two league clubs. I see some parallels...

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