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Off To Villa Park


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This season and last I have had a pair of season tickets at both Ashton Gate and Villa Park.

My alleigance is and always will be to City [supporter for 36 years] and today is one of those days when there is no home fixture clash [when there is I give the Villa tickets to clients of my business].

Why Villa ? Easy to get to and the chance to see top quality players in the OPPOSING teams. Today it is Middlesborough - Mendieta, Jujinhio [spelling !] and others.

I can watch it without being wound up by the inadequacies of my team and believe me, Villa fans have had less to cheer than us this season. I think the jury is still out on O'Leary.

The thing that is bothering me at the moment is that I am actually looking forward to going as City's malaise is geeting me down big time - this time last year I would have gone to Bradford btu I can't be ar**d.

As some posts have said today people will begin to vote with their feet

THE BOARD AT CITY WANT TO GIVE THE FANS A LIFT - a win tomorrow is not enough, we will get the ususal "kick start to the season" post match comments if we thrash the non-leaguers but next week at Brighton will be the watershed for the season in my view.

What is the diff between Prem and D2 ? Southampton showed that last week - the first touch is vastly superior and whilst the final ball is not always perfect the % that are is much higher.

Oh, I must slip out of the habit of calling Villa "we" when I talk about the game with my mates !!

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