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Forum Match Result?

Dave L

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12-10 with eight men teams....

What formation did you both play ?

1-1-5 ??

As Alan Hansen would say, "Shocking defending"

What Formation did we play? ##** knows mate! :D

All I know is that, well can't comment on myself due to mixed feedback from various players, but I was kind of covering the Centre Back and Right Back roles at once, which was a fairly easy job for me! :clap: (Yeah Right!!!)

Was a good laugh anyways, feet are killing me, have to get next football boot size down or take them back to JJB Sports, a dirty pair of size 11's and ask if I can get them changed to size 10's please!

Would like to thank Jason and Stu for making the WRONG decision into deciding to play me anyway! Cheers!!! :)

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Guest east_dundry_red
and EDR, you always seem like a bit of a 'hardman', so how come you yelped like a girl when i tackled you in our box in the second half..?  :how funny:  :D

cause u stood on my broken toe!

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cause u stood on my broken toe!

You went down easier that a $15 hooker.

Well done to everybody that turned up; I thought it was a good laugh and enjoyed myself, especially my neat little finish to put us 3-1 up.

Haven't been in goal since I was about 8, and did it ever show! Mind you it was a bit like the parting of the Red Sea at times :D

Stood up well for that woeful 1 on 1 at the end though, didn't I Stu. As Real Finesse said, how tall do you want the goal :TheBird: ; the new Jonny Wilkinson.

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