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Forum Problems?


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Was this forum working while the match was on or having problems? I tried to log into the chatroom too and couldn't get it. Mr RedM has been 'tinkering' with our computer so maybe it is us as it is working ok now. :@

Anyone else have problems??? Or do i get the hammer out ( on Mr RedM maybe :sub: )

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i dont know if the forum was working during the match but before i tried it and i couldnt get on,nor could some other people i know.

seems to be working ok now though :sub:

shame that we dont have anything to really cheer about though :sub:

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No it wasn't, not sure what the problem was either !!

As soon as I logged onto the machine from home it started working !!

Sorry about that but I should have checked it earlier, we'll look at the log files on Tuesday to try & see what went wrong.


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