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Choice Of Subs

Guest Rob

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I aint having go at Wilson just merely stating that i fail to understand his decisions when choosing his subs. I mean, he has both Lee Miller and Tony Rougier on the bench who are both quite similair really with them both being prodominantly strenght players as opposed to pace men. This is what i cant understand?? Why not put the pace of Lita on the bench with the strength of either Miller or Rougier because pace works better against tired legs and leroy has showed time and time again he can make a difference as a sub coming on. This way, if Robbo needs to be replaced, we can put on a more or less like for like change instead of going too similair up there.

Also, where is Marc Goodfellow of late?? I think Bell looked good on the left today however again MG'S pace would be an asset. And also surprised to see no Caskey involved today. Not too disasppointed though cos i'd rather have Wilkshire as a sub and Burnell as a player to come on and sure things up.

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I would rather have Rougier as a sub for Bell, so i wouldn't have put Goodfellow on the bench. However i think putting Burnell on the bench was an odd choice. We had Fortune who is technically a far superior player to Burnell and cover for both Cm and Cb positions.

I did find it odd that caskey was not on the bench as we needed someone with his delivery all game Doherty's floated corners were dreadful, and we needed somoen who could whip balls into the box, which is what Caskey would have delivered.

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