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If I was SL and the Board and I'd funded DW's Signings, I'd have to be a little miffed.

Albeit, we picked up 4 points against QPR & Swindon and most of us, I think, would have taken that with the form we were in.

I couldn't help but look at the bench and the omissions from the team and wonder.

First of all:

Miller................................ £365,000

Wilkshire.......................... £250,000

On the bench


On Holiday? I don't know :sub::sub:


On Wages and helped us pi$$ Oxford Resvs!

Rougier :cool:

On the bench & On Wages

That's over £750,000 spent and barely figured, apart from Miller's brief appearance and failure.

The point is that DW has repeatedly talked about only signing players who are better that those we have and, I agree wholeheartedly with that.

If they are better, why are we playing with last seasons team?

I know one of the signings was Murray and, whilst he hasn't scored, he has been effective, but £750k's a fortune at this level.

I still think we're in with a chance if we can pick up at least 12 points out of the fifteen we have to play for, but I could help thinking that if we'd swapped strikers with Swindon and kept Murray, on day one of the season, we'd be above Plymouth right now.

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