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2 Away:LTN, BARN







If home advantage counts for anything then we're still in it.

Can we do it?

Well, if we can win all the home games and one of the away, I think we can.In fact, 10 points could do it.

I think Plymouth are home and dry, barring a terrible run of form starting with a 6-0 defeat on Tuesday tonight..................I can dream :cool:

For example, if we won the lot and got 15 points, that would be 87 and they've got 81 now, so would need only 6 points to finish above us.

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Guest bristolbred

Plymouth will be at best a draw! or we'll lose by 3-1. :sub:

We've won at Luton before, and could do it again!! 2-0. :P

Brighton ladies beat the City ladies, so we should exact revenge on the lads!! And win this one for them,. and the fans!! 1-0. :cool:

Lets get one over on Barnsley!! We are due a win over them!! :sub:

And no matter what, after last years drubbing by them, lets show Div 2 what we are made of and go out in style, 3-1 at home to Blackpool!! :sub:



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Here are the ratings from the current form league

CITY H..24....A..34..TOTAL..68

PLY H..19....A..39..TOTAL..58

QPR H..19....A..32..TOTAL..51

Higher the better/easier.

For example, Stockport are 1st in the current form league and we are 17th.

QPR are 9th and Plymouth 4th.

Not scientific, but interesting as to how easy/difficult games are.

Other things need to be factored in, like away form-Brighton are poor away, but have an excellent home record.

Barnsley have only lost 2 at home all season, but drawn loads.

One things for sure,we don't look like doing it on goal difference!!

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Guest Georgeformbygrill

True, Plymouth are going up and as champs.

I am confident that QPR we'll struggle at all the remaining away games they have :cool:

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Guest Red_Rat

We all talk about how hard our run-in is, yeh the games against Luton and Barnsley are.

But we beat Brighton convincingly away, and also beat Plymouth away!

I'm sure we can rise to the occasion against them.

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Forget about Plymouth they are home and dry, you'd be a mad man to think otherwise.

3 wins at home is a must and 1 win and a draw possibly gets us 2nd spot, QPR will most probably get 2nd spot now after we didn't win and they did, we have given them the edge and put ourselves under more pressure for Tuesday's game.

We need to win all of our remaining games to have a chance, but we still might finish 3rd even then as QPR only need 4 wins, and I think they are very capable of 4 wins from their games.

Play offs for us again and I am not confident of us winning through here, we don't score enough to give us a chance in a 2-legged affair, all it would take for us to be be eliminated would be a score draw at home against a bogey side like Port Vale, then go to there place looking to get a goal and them hitting 2 or 3 past us.

I have tried to remain confident in the players ability to get us the results recently but we aren't getting the luck we had last year in front of goal, much is made of our defence but that wont win us promotion, goals matter and we don't have a regular finisher at the club to kill teams off, all the talk on here of if we do this and if they drop points here mean very little, personally I think we can win all of our home games but I can also see us potentially losing our remaining away games, that would give City 81 points and the playoffs, see my above comments for my enthusiasm of that task.

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