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At this crucial time of the season, BCWorld is really proving it's worth. I only really use it for the commentaries but having the facility to listen to commentaries such as the QPR one today really is a great thing to have access to. Good work, fellas.

Incidentally, the Barnsley keeper could be sitting on a deckchair for all it matters at the monent.

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I too am glad I have it as I would not get to see anything on City from Tampa.

I have a restaurant, so I cannot even listen to the game during the day !! I do however get to see the extended highlights of the games, and to be honest, it has better coverage than HTV used to have when I was in Bristol. Fox Sports World has football from The Premiership, Holland, Germany, South America, and lots more, but nothing from the Divs below. So I WILL be renewing my BCFC World. Can't wait to get home for a visit to see City play again, 27 years of support, and now I can't go. I love to watch live footy on the TV, but I could never replace the atmosphere of a real game ( oh and a fews beers before too )

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