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I T V Sports Annual General Meeting Your Comments

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ITV's Annual general meeting wil be taking place next monday 19 april

I have applied for the day off so I will be thier representive football while all the others will be representing momey

This is what I would to happen please let me have as many of your thoughts and comments

A easy one to start with, local news on saturday asfternoons to be transmitted AFTER the national news.

This gives all those early leavers no excuse not to leave early so they can see the Citys goal action.It also gives ITV West/sport time to edit the goal action of all those crushing defeats that will be inflicted on swne town next season

I don't care if BBC or ITV(Locally) get the highlights package which start in 2005

I would like soccer sunday to be broadcast on saturday night and maybe called the nationwide highlights programme,as a replacement for the loss of the premiership

They might consider it and put it up against Match of the day.

But the bone heads at ITV Sport don't know we have video recorders

Which would YOU prefer to watch on TV if it clashed

Man ure Arsenal Chelsea or the local regions footy teams

If it can't be broadcast on a saturday night maybe a bit earlier than 1230pm sunday mornings,and at the same time every sunday

The Nationwide LIVE contract is up for renewal from season 2005 so negotiations

will start in season 2004/05. I would like something similar to what use to happen about three years ago

Sky had first call on the rights on the Nationwide match/s they wanted then the various ITV regions could have thier own local LIVE coverage.

So can I please any constructive comments.It will be impossible for me to go into the ITV AGM and tell them they are crap,

I know that, the rest of you know that but I can't be that vocal.

much as iI would like to be

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