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Possible Signings?

Guest gibmonkey

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Guest gibmonkey

After coming across an excellant site via the PFA site I found www.profootballers.co.uk which lists who's on the list etc. Here r just a few on the free transfer list.


Jon Hjelde - 31 - Forest

Andy Morrison - 33 - Man City

Carl Tiler - 33 - Pompey

Fan Zhiyi - 34 - Sheepshaggers

Vegard Heggem - 28 - Liverpool


Stefan Schwarz - 34 - sunderland

Darren Eadie - 28 - Leicester

Jordao - 32 - WBA

Bjorni Gudjonsson - 24 - Stoke

Vitalijs Astajevs - 32 - Gas

Now I know some may be out of our range or (heavens forbid) un willing to come.

However surely a loan deal could be in the intrests of all parties for certain players.

Anyone think we should take a lttle gamble?

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Darren Eadie has retired due to injury :D , sounds like he would fit in fine :) .

I thought Astajevs was now playing in Austria :Confused13:

I'm sure Heggem has gone back to Norway to play.

And if that's the best of the list, then maybe we would be better off going with what we have rather than waste more money.

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The list doesn't look too recent. Las t i heard Hjelde was at Stoke, Heggem in Norway, Eadie retired and I think Swcharz is back in Sweden doing coaching work. I think Gudjonsson might have gone to Forest, I know they signed someone with a name along those lines from stoke. Not a great list it must be said, I think we'd be better going for a fringe player from the premiership, someone in a similar position to Chadwick at Man U, they've got the talent and a bit of experiencve but are still way down the pecking order.

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