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Ticketing For Away Games


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Hmmm, I could of probably just about of afforded to go to the game today and had I gone taken a few friends as well. So why am I not on my way now?

"Tickets can be purchased by postal application and personal callers only"

I decided that I could probably go only a few days ago, problem is I live 35 miles way from Ashton Gate. Had I been able to phone for tickets I could of phoned Wednesday or Thursday, they could of been posted and I would have had them and now be on my way to sunny Bradford (PA), its not much but I would of boosted the attendance by 2 or 3!

Now their clearly is not a demand for tickets and history shows that at least for the Bradford match, that their would be very little demand for them, so why this fairly complicated system?!

The Brighton match has a similar system in place and sales are extremely slow, and so you may be able to understand my suprise when the trip to Blackpool has a similar system going too! We have nearly 1000 tickets for that match and more will be available should we need them!

Am I just overcomplicating things or do I have a point? I'm not sure but certainly it seems tickets are harder to get hold of than demand dictates they should be, especially if you don't live within realistic travelling distance of AG.

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