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Roberts worked his arse off, however, against a well marshalled defence, you didn't see it being his night.

It was a good time to mix it up and Peacock was very aggressive and physical without giving away too many fouls.

The change (not just in hindsight) gave them some different to think about.

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Not a hater, but not a particular liker tonight - You above anyone knows that, but he did barely anything wrong tonight - Keep it up :ph34r:
"barely anything"?? What did he do wrong? Nothing! He was brilliant. He won evrything in the air, ran from box to box all game and chased down every ball.

He was awesome and if he had gone off there would have been uproar!

As for Roberts, he did well overall but he was lucky to be booked for an awful tackle and he missed our two best chances. I'm not having a dig but I would suggest that the substitution was the right one.

Actually, l'd have taken off Roberts but put Goodfellow up front 'cos that way we wouldn't have lost the pace from the front line and he has bagged a fair few for Stoke reserves from that position.

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