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What Time ?


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I'm booked on the 8.30am train with a supposed reserved seat but as we suspect it wil be a "free for all" what time should i get to temple meads ?

I'd reckon on between 7:30 and 8. If you're booked on, you could feasibly just demand to be let on. Surely Bristol Temple Meads is going to be prepared for this in some way, and thus ensuring those with a reserved seat will be allowed on to the platform at the designated time?

My suggestion would be that they set up two queues, one for reserved, one for "open" and then let them on to the platform in drips... But that'll never happen!

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I am on the 9.02 from parkway. Reserved seat.

I assuming and hoping that you will only be allowed on the platform if you have a valid ticket.

Just spoke to FGW. Apparently all those with an open ticket will have a 'Valid Ticket' So if they get there first and train is filled with these people first and there is no room for any more you won't get on.

Open ticket means you can get any train on Saturday whereas if you have a reserved time ticket like you & I you can't.

It's going to get messy.


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