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Flags For Wembley

Percy Parrot

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As I live in London I can't get down to AG to see the full range of stuff but also I don't really want to spend £ on unofficial stuff near the stadium either.

Does anyone know if they have the traditional flags on sticks for Wembley? I may need to get someone to bring me one up. Hope they're mostly red rather than mostly white so our end looks red but will buy one whatever!

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Do a search on e-bay (bristol city fc flag),i bought one from a chap on there he has all different teams/competitions for sale, he didn't have a city flag on buy it now, only on auction so asked him if he could do a buy it now on a city flag as i needed it for the weekend, can't think why i needed it for this weekend :yahoo: .He set up a buy it now auction for me and is posting it immediately. :city: They are not on a pole though.

This Is The Seller

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