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The Die Hard Fans Appreciation Thread


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If your reading this on WAP, fair play to all of you and I hope you have a fantastic night. Lots of chat about City, maybe a BBQ and a few bevvies. Sounds that good, I might join you :winner_third_h4h: !

Good on you all.


Well done to everyone, muchos respect

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Just had text from mate down there. Well into Winterstoke car park now :innocent06:

Few sing alongs, loads booze and cracking laugh.

Wait till 3am :noexpression:

Thats the time to get on the pitch and have a kickabout.

Thats what we did back in 88.

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at the end of the day you should all have been sat in the comfort of your own home sortin these tickets out last sunday (but we wont go into that) hats off to you all hope no ones dissapointed :clap:

Ditto......... but even then someone was going to be unlucky :(

All the best to the BRISTOL CITY fans that are down the Gate tonight or since this morning



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Die hards?

Why, because they're getting the last lot of tickets?



This was a PM but you seem to have that switched off :(

I understand where you are coming from....... we all had our chances one way or another

There has been a lot of nastyness on the forum over the ticket sales but....... we did all have the same chance when it came to general sale?

Still........ time to put that all behind us now....... UP THE BRISTOL CITY!

I actually believe that that we should have been up by automatic and that was the only way to be certain that we were up..... slag me for it if you will.

At the end of the day like you I want the best for the club that we support :)

I'm trying to think of it as some strange away game........... I'm not going to be of the mind set that we are up until we are........ or like at Cardiff...... I feel the shell shock of all the what could have beens

Still let's stay positive....... and I still wish those that have no tickets all the best in trying to get them.

Best Regards


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