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  2. If that was true then maybe you'd have seen more than one comment about it than only one from "PAFC_James." And I wouldn't trust his opinion to be honest, openly admits in his tweets he follows 3 clubs, one of which is Bristol City, so of course he'd say that. If you can find a couple more comments all saying the same thing, whether on their forum or twitter or whatever, then I'll believe you.
  3. Calling all statisticians. I know there’s a few on here who look into this at this time of year and just wondering if anyone’s had a go at comparing our run in with the others’ to see what points total we need and are likely to get? A quick search tells me that Leicester made the playoffs with 68 points although didn’t get promoted but Blackpool did with 70. Average required is apparently 73 and Wolves missed out on 6th one year with 78.
  4. Spoons


    Fact is mate nearly all police that day were on normal working hours not overtime. Believe it or not do you actually think a police officer really wants to work overtime at a football match looking after the village idiots or rather be chilling out on a day off? Another fact. Avon and Somerset police currently owe their officers over 6,000 hours of unpaid overtime because there is no money to pay it so it's now being turned into time in lieu. Another fact is although late on scene if they weren't there v Swansea , Bristol city would have been on every news bulletin in the country that day for a full scale riot. It was literally seconds away from happening. Out of interest @archie andrewswhat do you do for a job?
  5. Supporters of both come from all over Bristol and surrounding areas for goodness sake, surely the Teds are not afraid of a bit of competition from rag bag Rovers are they?any way anything that winds em up is OK by me,for a club less with less than 40 years of history they should be grateful to have what they have and not be worried about little old Rovers!! No Sag, we’re not afraid as we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Isn’t it YOU who are supposed to be coming for US? The video didn’t wind us up, we thought it was another hilarious gift to add to the collection. All it has succeeded in doing is pushing the Dustbin thread ever closer to 1000 pages. Because when I go over the suspension bridge I think of the . You can’t miss it. However, if he had ran past the homeless in the Bear Pit then you’d have a better idea that it was a Rovers fan. Even at birth his obsession with Teds meant her had to run past Ashton Gate for no apparent reason on his way to the club shop to buy a baby grow to put the kid in before the poor child had time to be ******* weighed. That’s the paranoia of Gasheads who know that their club is ****** and dying. It’s comedy gold. Ted logic. They are known as the robins but want the bridge to identify. “Ted Logic”? Obviously a Dustbin thread regular. Nothing wrong with a bridge that overlooks the ground being used to identify Bristol City. It makes sense. Like the pirate for you lot - homeless thieving scum - yeah that’s about right too I suppose? know what you mean but I did not take any notice of that place, I'm just laughing that they think the bridge is theirs. To be fair they find any little thing they can to laugh at us so no change there, I personally laugh that they were formed in 1982 Nowhere near as much as we laughed on 3rd May 2014 when Colin Daniel sent you into the abyss in a Rovers shirt. Laugh? I couldn’t stop. Two divorces, City fans waiting outside for us, punch a horse, banning orders all over the shop. Superb. Some Sags can’t even remember 1982 and we stayed in the league. 1982 is the celebrated saving of our club you ******* donuts. It’s ridiculous how you keep this one going. GHS 15 year olds going on about 1982. ******* belters. All this is very handy for the sh** at this point in time It deflects from the current crisis which history will record as the great choke of 2019 Now **** off , go and re-count what you’ve spent for no success whatsoever and remember ......only two years left to Europe .... Deluded, paranoid sleeping giants Great choke of 2019? Happy for you to forget about the choke of 2018 which was slightly bigger than this one you muppet. Deluded? - Um, I think you’ll find that’s you lot....Paranoid? - Ramming babies in Rovers baby grows....yep, you again I’m afraid......Sleeping giants? - Nope, think we understand how difficult the Championship is and are realistic, but there is no doubt that we have the facilities to accommodate Premier League football. There is only one Tinpot club that I can think of who are Deluded, Paranoid and think that they are Sleeping Giants.........ahh yes, here we go, and straight from the horse punchers mouth...... We’re sleeping on potential, we all know it. It angers us at times. But it’s part of the fun.
  6. here's a starting team to consider; unlikely perhaps but might get a run in the Carabao with a 3,1,3,2.1 formation next season O'Leary Vyner Webster Kelly Moore Morrell Brownhill Walsh Eisa Eliason Adelukan subs; old boys like Pack, Smith, Diedjhou, Patterson, Wright sold off COD, Baker, Watson sent back; Da Silva ,Kalas, Palmer what team would you pick if you really want to give youth a chance?
  7. The justice system should be fair. As he would not have received twelve weeks' imprisonment for the same behaviour on an evening out he shouldn't receive it because it happened at a football match. The only legitimate extra sentencing is the banning from football matches. Look at the sentencing below: suspended sentences and unpaid work for knocking one man unconscious and breaking another's bones. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/16181118.Six_sentenced_over_fight_outside_nightclub/ There is no mention in the reporting of his having even slightly injured somebody so that is not remotely a fair sentence and he should be appealing it.
  8. archie andrews


    Justifys all their "overtime" Cocked up big time swansea or was it a set up?
  9. Unan


    Because these numpties aren’t capable of thinking for themselves & like to blindly follow orders, it gives them less guilt if they’re being ordered to do something than making their own conscious choice.
  10. Hope Bristol go down and then they announce a playoff between bottom and top just to piss Lansdown off.
  11. RedSkin


    Obviously football fans at the rugby.
  12. As for this incident, all IMO here. Don't think they have rugby banning orders (football specific legislation) but this individual should be banned for life from Ashton Gate and Worcester's ground. Plus as we've seen with recent football related cases, a short stint inside. NOTE to MODS: If my views on sentencing risk prejudicing anything, please remove post or that part etc. As for Swansea game, don't believe in the conspiracy theory that I speculated on, but it must have been a very interesting planning meeting to provide the levels that they did.
  13. Before my time but interesting comparison. Did away fans used to be in Dolman A Block then, or was this just a one off thing? An experiment never to be repeated by the sound of it!
  14. bs3


    Not for the first time there was violent scenes at Ashton Gate yesterday but yet again no arrest,. Why are the Police reluctant to prosecute other sporting fans but go after football fans with such vigor with early morning raids and announcing it on social media with such glee like you’ve arrested Europe’s most wanted.. It is not my perception that football fans are treated differently to Rugby fans but it is plain to see it is a matter of fact .
  15. Cant see Lansdown doing that, besides who'd buy 'em?
  16. Reminds me of Sheffield United last game of season in 89 .give them block a Of the dolman and naff all stewards all of a sudden no away fans in the dolman ...
  17. Correct, but respect of the referee is a straight line influence from professional football down. As parents/coaches we absolutely encourage respect, but having three boys who have played up through junior football, it’s is the actions of the professionals that has by far the greatest influence on the kids.
  18. During 1883 there was a Bristol Rover Bicycle Club from Stapleton, even before Eastville Rovers, so in 1899 they were named after a cycling club.
  19. I'm still salty. However a regular on the Wuss forum who likes his stats has put up finishing positions IF current form from the previous 5 is maintained; Exeter 81 Saracens 74 Gloucester 64 Harlequins 62 Saints 52 Bath 50 Sale 49 Bristol 46 Wasps 43 Warriors 41 Falcons 39 Tigers 38 Doubt it would happen but I would giggle and expect no relegation to arrive at the last minute. What's interesting to me is that Rugby Pass' RPI had a similar projection on form before the break (Bris were 6th then though after the Northampton win). Maybe that will cheer some up.
  20. Today
  21. Yep your right, didn't see that one
  22. Walked out of the ground yesterday feeling like the world had ended! Gutted. And then for Newcastle to win as well.
  23. It will be very interesting to see how this develops with this Worcester supporter. Takes me back to my point earlier in the thread, how police / courts treat football fans differently
  24. Football isn't grown-up enough to implement anything in the game that will promote integrity.
  25. The real irony, as I see it, is this.... Wimbledon were a financially struggling club with woeful levels of support. Against ALL odds they rose to the top level of the English game and even won the nations showpiece domestic cup. Even after that glorious achievement, they used to get levels of support that would even embarrass the Gas. Inevitably, eventually, they spiralled into financial oblivion and began to drop back down the football pyramid. At that point, an entrepreneur cited the idea of taking over that club but felt they would have a far better chance of sustainability if based elsewhere. Leaving the spiritual base that failed to sufficiently support the old “Dons” and move the club to the rapidly growing catchment area of Milton Keynes, with the promise of a wonderful stadium, eventually. Until that point they battled on in a not fit for purpose hockey stadium, whilst the owner kept his promise of delivering a new stadium. Rovers on the other hand are actively looking to uproot from their spiritual home City and move beyond the county boarders, because apparently, Bristol has no development options (apart, of course, from the vast delelopment projects, regeneration and abundance of unused spaces) yet nobody wants to have them. Despite this they continue to look to move away to where they can obtain land on the cheap. Which they continue to struggle to obtain. so, MK Dons have carried out a plan & vision, enhanced their facilities and increased the numbers of their support, yet are ridiculed as a “franchise” whereas Rovers hope to do the same thing, but are some sort of ambitious heroes..?!
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