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  1. 31 points
    been busy in lockdown just finished revamping my home bar,do hope you like it even got jacki,s corner with Williams posh seats. some big cheese and even a team sheet from the 70s a very kind old man gave me a interview board with all signutures {could do with some help on this one} anyone one out there with a couple of the dolman b block wooden seats or any eastend stuff would be interested one side is city the other is boxing related and England hope you like and this keeps your spirits up in tough times any questions chaps please ask and keep yourself and your family's safe
  2. 29 points
    The Club should offer a refund to those that want it. People bought a ticket to attend matches at Ashton Gate, nothing else. Personally, I don't want to pay full dollar for a TV experience, have already paid for next year's ticket and don't buy stuff from the shop. A refund is the only thing I will accept from them.
  3. 28 points
    Strange, I too was in Gran Canaria sitting poolside in my city shirt when I spotted a guy in the pool. Nearing lunchtime it was obvious that he had one over the eight and was generally making an exhibition of himself and frightening the children. To my horror I saw him clamber out of the pool and motion to his wife and then look in my direction, i caught his eye and not wishing to engage in conversation with someone in that condition and widely considered the resident hotel drunk I beat a hasty retreat. I returned home that afternoon.
  4. 20 points
    I don't see a problem with changing your views, after seeking expert medical advice. A moron is better defined as someone who's unwilling to change their mind after being educated.
  5. 16 points
    Good to see that you know your place, do you doff your cap and tug your forelock every time he appears in the director's box? "He is entirely separate?" He owns the club, sets the policy, signs off on all expenditure........so hardly separate. And yes I do expect him to foot the bills, he spends the money on transfer fees, wages, I don't have any say, it's his choice to allow LJ to sign £74 Million pounds worth of players, he full well knows that will take the club into a loss, so he must be comfortable with it. Certainly no jealousy here, he's welcome to his money..(although he should pay his tax like everyone else) ..but I don't see the need to bung him £100
  6. 14 points
    That's like me releasing a statement proclaiming that I'm not going to pleasure Rachel Riley until she agrees to a threesome with Beyonce..!
  7. 14 points
    It is supposed to be a big secret that the new training complex will also include a 5 star hotel ...but the delivery of the first mattress has rather given the game away!
  8. 13 points
    Last season's form is almost irrelevant now imo. It's gonna be like a mini season, and over the past few years we've been pretty impressive after 9 games or so. With the squad we've got and position we're in, I reckon we've an excellent chance of getting into the play offs.
  9. 13 points
    Every one will have different views. £100 is needed by a lot of people at the mo’.
  10. 13 points
    I’ve been bulking up over the last few weeks, though this may be due to increased beer / lager consumption during the hot weather.
  11. 12 points
    It pleases me that I know they're not all like these clowns. I've got some real great mates who are passionate followers of the Rovers, and all credit to them for picking a local side (obviously the wrong one mind) Today I was told that one of these mates lost his battle to cancer, so for the next week my FB profile picture is of my mate, wearing his comedy jesters outfit at a works do last year. Football has no colours in these circumstances. R.I.P. Chappers.
  12. 11 points
    If we don’t make the play offs with those 3 then Johnson should really get the sack.... Just getting the ball rolling.
  13. 10 points
    Given we were told by the SLO the other day that the clubs ‘systems’ wouldn’t allow us to donate our £10 club shop balance to charity or even extend the time to use this by a month, I’d be surprised if this system has the capability to give us a club shop credit or deduction from next seasons ticket. FWIW I think the club should offer refunds. It doesn’t sit well with me that you can pay a player £15k a week for 3 years but not refund £100 to a fan who may have bought a season ticket for 30 years, where that £100 could make a lot of difference
  14. 10 points
    Just out of interest is the annual dogs' abuse given to teams and fans from South Wales racial abuse? Similarly, when others are describing us as yokels should we be offended and complain? People seem happy to take offence these days. Personally, am a little bored with it all, although there are obvious examples that are over the line. Question is therefore: where should we draw the line?
  15. 10 points
    I honestly think the world would be a better place if everyone refrained from stating their opinions on how offensive a racial slur is unless it had ever been screamed at them in anger because, until and unless that happens, you can be pretty certain they won't know the answer.
  16. 9 points
    If we are talking about a £100 refund that is roughly 2 hours pay for a player on £10,000 a week. Football is obscene and if and when people accept a refund they should not be judged or looked down on as they can’t afford to give money away.
  17. 9 points
    The company I worked for sponsored the programme that day . My reward was to present David Noble with the man of match and also have my picture with him . That all sounds very pleasant and I had a very serious role to play that day in representing the company . However the joy of watching city’s promotion coupled with way too much blackthorn meant the picture I had with him was me with my arms around him , shirt hanging out , flies undone( no idea why) and looking ridiculously pissed . David Nobel looked quite bemused. The best thing was that city took a formal photo of that as part of the package so have a huge A3 framed photo of the above ! I didn’t work in that company much longer .....
  18. 8 points
    Hey everyone, We recently interviewed Aaron Wilbraham for the One Stream in Bristol podcast. It was great craic, listening to it would be a good way to spend your weekend! We're trying to put one out every Friday and we've appreciated all your comments and feedback so far! Listen online via Libsyn Click here to listen on an Apple device Here's a clip we put out on twitter: As always we're keen to hear your favourite parts and who you would love to hear on the podcast.
  19. 8 points
    Totally my view. In order for my business to survive, I've taken no money out of it for 4 months. I have to pay my ex's mortgage and support two school-age kids. Even in our happiest months, I take home less than any of the starting XI, less than Lee Johnson, Mark Ashton and probably a number of other BCFC staff. More to the point, I earn a tiny percentage of what Lansdown does. My support for the club does not extend to giving it privileges I don't extend to other businesses, even businesses I like, such as my local pub. I will expect a full refund and will take it out of principle. I don't particularly like watching games online , so I have little interest in a TV option.
  20. 8 points
    Sorry not having this Why should players be paid in full? You're saying fans should take one for the team so shouldn't the team take one too? They haven't played in 9 weeks after al. Why not a - say- 20% voluntary cut. Why can't Lansdown "pay for everything"? He's the owner, he agreed to sign all these players and set the wage budget. I haven't signed any contracts. I'm a customer in my local far shop and I'm loyal to them but I certainly don't expect to contribute to their business rates or electric bills - even during covid - My custom is sufficient. Why is football different? Finally you say the " Lansdown's shoulder a disproportionate share of the costs" - they own 100% share of the club so who else is there? Don't shed too many tears though, if the club get promoted to the PL do you think SL will be "sharing' any of the £100M with the fans-? Of course not , just a hefty ST price increase .
  21. 8 points
    https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/i-ve-worked-out-and-worked-hard-massengo/ I’m a big fan of his. This break may we’ll have been perfect for him. I’ve often said the demands of the champ and training are tough for an 18 year old. He has had a break to build himself us, could be even better on resumption. Hope so anyway.
  22. 8 points
    For me, I buy my season ticket on the assumption of 23 games but hope for 19 (as always advance purchase so the prem may happen!) so on that basis I could say I’m covered. More seriously, I think what there has to be here is some collective thinking from all 24 championship sides. Different question lower down as refunds of STs with loss of other revenue may kill clubs in L1 and L2. What I’d like to see is the option for ST holders across the championship to opt for no refund but a live stream of every game - home and away. The games could then be available on a per game cost as well, but that couldn’t be at less than the pro-rata ST cost. And if they want per game to be less, then clubs have to give partial refunds. I can’t see any reason for children (U12) tickets to be refunded - I pay £100 for each of my kids tickets and they get the free shirt. I won’t be giving the club back 1/5 of the shirt if I can’t attend. We have to acknowledge that as a club, we’re lucky - many may not come through this. And although it’s totally true that some people are in dire need of the £100ish refund, that won’t apply to all of us. So, simple solution - offer full home and away access to the games via a stream, or offer a refund. If that choice is up, I’ll go for the former - and I’d imagine a large majority also will.
  23. 8 points
    Personally I don’t expect any money back for this season. There does seem to be a culture brewing where everyone (not just football fans) want to be compensated for a global pandemic. Fact is everyone is financially &/or emotionally affected by this and we’re going to have our pockets hit hard. When it comes to banks, airlines or fat cat retailers etc fair enough. But when it’s your local football club I don't get the notion of a refund that could create a disadvantage to your club unless the funds are needed rather than wanted. That’s where I believe it should be optional and the club offer incentives that could cost the club little arrange.
  24. 8 points
    The problem is that some people may not have seen any income in the last 10 weeks and may need that money and money they paid out on season tickets already for next year . Some supporters may need that £100 a lot more than the club at the moment.
  25. 8 points
    Great listen. Hearing him say Rotherham/promotion was his best day in football. I will never forget being sat in the Dolman, fans lining to go on the pitch and Orr looks at the ref who’s already doing a runner and about to blow, he turns to the Dolman, holds his arms out and with a beaming smile screams “come on then” at the fans as the whistle blows. Proper heart on sleeve lad and a great memory.
  26. 8 points
    RIP Buster, and sincere condolences to his family. Although of the blue persuasion, I remember Buster (and his t-shirt) well - one of the games enduring characters who many people respected, regardless of club colours. I hope that he gets a good send-off on his final journey past Ashton Gate.
  27. 8 points
    I wonder if younger City fans realise just how big a result that Leeds game was. Leeds were the club of the moment and these were the days the FA Cup was taken seriously , there was no resting of players and Leeds were a team full of internationals who were running away with the league while City were struggling. I know of a couple of Rovers fans who went to both games, because back then you didn't get many chances to see the best team in the land. I remember being totally shocked ( and jealous) when the news filtered through of the result. It was a far bigger shock than when you beat Manchester United and I would argue one of the biggest games in your history.
  28. 8 points
    I don’t think alcohol would help them .
  29. 7 points
    If we’d treated the club’s staff well through this then I wouldn’t be at all bothered about a refund. However given that: 1. We are owned by one of the richest men in the country. 2. He made use of the furlough scheme. 3. His decision to protect his astronomical wealth in Guernsey means he will personally be insulated from the tax implications of the pandemic. 4. Lower paid staff took a pay cut while players will get all of their salaries in time. I’ll have my money back, thanks.
  30. 7 points
    Prompted by listening to Bradley Orr's recollection of the promotion match v Rotherham, and him saying it was his best day in football I dusted off my DVD of the game, and have just finished watching it. What a dominant match that was! Everybody played their part in what was a memorable day. It was good also to see players who are often underrated having a great game, e.g. Kevin Betsy, Brian Wilson, (who I always enjoyed watching), and one of my favourite ex-players, Alex Russell. I'm sure other fans have fine memories of that blessed day!
  31. 7 points
    I think as a lot of clubs now see fans as customers and treat them as such it's only fair that refunds are processed as they are with most other companies. Can't have it both ways really.
  32. 7 points
    Players (on £20K pw) are more important than fans ( many of whom are furloughed, laid off, or soon to lose their jobs when the economy crashes). Unbelievable arrogance from PNE. I suspect other Championship clubs will follow.
  33. 7 points
    I'd like it if someone got confused and the club kept the £100 and gave me the two million. A number of posters seem to be getting confused between SL's money, and the money the club have. Not the same. Anyway, let's not panic here, players are training and once a decision is made and formally communicated l, dare say the options for fans will soon follow.
  34. 7 points
    Surely the club will be in breach of contract if refunds are not offered. As a 'customer' I fully expect to be refunded for goods offered and then not supplied.
  35. 7 points
    This is a little off topic but to do with city and fans. Anyone remember the Portsmouth FA Cup tie away? There was a pompy fan in the stand to the left who was getting a lot of chants towards him and reacting so much he got kicked out. Anyway a few years later I met him in a hostel in a little Australian town in WA.
  36. 7 points
  37. 7 points
    Best free transfer value for money type thing ever?
  38. 7 points
    In which case we should choose the fans with the biggest presence of all to make the stadium appear as full as possible. I nominate: @bigbash he could throw a socially distanced party outside afterwards if we win. @biggythecity he can chant 'THE CITY' all game. @BigP he can make up for the lack of numbers in the toilets. @BigTone only if he promises not to put the players off by wearing one of his favourite shirts! @Big Nose not in a seat near the front where his gigantic proboscis would interfere with play. Although perhaps useful to trip up a dangerous opposition winger? @BigAl&Toby minus Toby, of course. @Torpey'sBigToe give him a seat with plenty of leg room! @The Enormous Turnip He can do a solo medley of all the Wurzels songs mentioning vegetables. @Big C He can simply sit there looking huge to intimidate the opposition. @Rudolf Hucker Couldn't leave him out - apparently he's the 'biggest' of the lot (or so he says!)
  39. 7 points
    Found going out about 9.30 last night was much cooler, ripped my 5k a new one shaving off 1m 30s. Don't think I'll take much more off unless I'm on an ultra flat surface for the distance. Having done 10m on Sunday trying to have a lighter week, don't want to hammer my legs too hard, the 5k felt pretty fresh last night - the can of cloudy cider pre match seemed to act as quite the energy boost.
  40. 7 points
    David Noble was so bloody good. I'll always love that man.
  41. 7 points
    I know quite a few Gasheads and I can assure you they also ‘socially distance’ themselves from soap and toothpaste...but that’s nothing, a few years ago the whole club socially distanced themselves from the entire Football League.
  42. 7 points
    Another great interview. So many strong characters in the 06/07 and 07/08 squads. In my view Johnson made a massive mistake in the final switching Elliott to right back once Orr went off.
  43. 7 points
    Would we pipe in boos if we were 2-0 down at half time?
  44. 7 points
    Miah an organisation that I'm a part of have been running a fund for Bristol care workers that aren't able to work. We don't have much to give, but if things are tight drop us an email careworkersnetworkbristol@gmail.com or message me. If not needed then even letting wife's colleagues know etc would be great! Also goes for anyone else reading that works in health and social care and I struggling due to the current situation.
  45. 6 points
    Dear friends BUSTER FOOTMAN'S FUNERAL COURTAGE TO PASS THROUGH ASHTON GATE STADIUM Buster's funeral takes place at Bristol South Crematorium on Thursday 4 June at 3.30pm. Due to the current regulations, only close family members are able to attend. In order to allow others to pay their final respects, the funeral cortege will pass through Ashton Gate Stadium along Marina Dolman Way. This is expected at approximately 3pm. Those wishing to attend may use the Winterstoke Road car park then proceed to Marina Dolman Way. Social distancing must be observed at all times. The family intend to hold a Celebration of Buster's Life at a suitable time in the future. Thank you, on behalf of the family Mike Adams Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust
  46. 6 points
    Football clubs have long been treating fans like customers so IMO they don't get to lean on fans special attachment to them now. Other businesses won't be looking to their customers' largesse to pick up the bill. They might try increasing prices going forward but that's a choice customers can make in future. So if the club are not able to fulfil the fixtures a pro rated refund should be the default option given to all ST holders. We did, after all, pay for these games more than 15 months ago. They can include instructions on how to make a donation for those who wish to opt out but that is what it is. If they want to offer a deal on RobinsTV that's fine, I'm sure many people will take that up - me included - I just hope the platform can cope.
  47. 6 points
  48. 6 points
    I just got offered this by a Facebook ad. I'm genuinely torn between thinking 1) this is clearly the worst thing I have ever seen and 2) I sort of want to buy it. What's the most spectacular and creative piece of Bristol City related tat you've come across?
  49. 6 points
    Runaway First Division leaders and 29 games unbeaten in all comps. as I remember, and they weren't the sort of team (or Revie the type of manager) to rest players or treat any game or opponent with anything but the utmost seriousness. A supremely focused team of seasoned internationals with a win at all costs attitude - the epitome of hard bastards - they were an incredibly hard team to beat and the shock of City's victory reverberated around the country and rightly made the national TV news in the evening and the front page of the papers the next day. I was at Elland Road as a 15 year old and have always put the achievement in beating that Leeds team far beyond the beating of Liverpool in the 90's or Man.Utd more recently.
  50. 6 points
    It’s as exciting as it gets. On paper, it’s one if the best in the Champ. From the little we saw of Afobe (we knew he could score goals already), he had a far better all round game than I thought, and that bodes well....if fit. In some ways covid has given him the chance to steadily up his fitness. It would’ve been rushed had we completed fixtures on original dates. He’s given himself 8/9 weeks extra. I really hope he comes back firing, not just for us, but for him...he’s had a traumatic 9 months.
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