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  1. That’s odd, I’ve been in the Lansdown for a few years and today for the first time I really couldn’t hear a single thing he was saying during the Terry tribute with the former players. My initial thought was they’d stolen our speakers and moved them to the Dolman to appease Robbored but apparently not.
  2. It was great to be back but as soon as I had sat down it felt like I’d been away a couple weeks not 17 months. The occasion was probably better than the actual game but nothing says welcome back to Ashton Gate more than an injury time equaliser against you. A bit emotional just before the game, not just thinking about the great TC but all the city fans who had passed since we were last there. All in all a big, welcome chunk of normality. Thanks for asking.
  3. I can remember Andy Caddick saying he needed a good 100 overs of red ball cricket before he was firing on all cylinders. He would have hated what Broad and Anderson have had to do the last month, ie nothing it really is time for a cricket revolution
  4. From Teignmouth I think I’d have to get off in Middlesbrough and get straight on the next train back to have any chance of getting home the same day………….now where have I heard that story before?
  5. Here is the full story for the Villa game, I presume it’ll be similar to this for the rest of the season bar the timings of course. The Temple Meads offer looks loads better than Abus, not their fault they did all they could but it was embarrassing waiting at Temple Meads sometimes and telling away fans the one or two buses have gone or wouldn’t be along for an hour. Absolute madness from the major rail station to a championship stadium. Let’s hope this is as good a it looks https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/getting-to-the-gate-aston-villa/
  6. The club did mention this before the Villa game and thanked Abus for their service. They then mentioned it’s replacement too, I’m hoping it’ll be better. AG3: Temple Meads Stop T6 (Station Approach) - Haymarket Stop B10 (near Primark) – St Augustine’s Parade Stop C7 (opposite The Hippodrome) – Ashton Gate
  7. I think the club said if you really want a plastic wallet you can pick one up from the club store on Saturday. Quite correctly they haven’t just sent them out to everyone
  8. I’m gonna say this only once…….hopefully. The back page of one newspaper, the S** I think, had the headline “SCUM” with a picture of the away end where we were stood. Not our finest moment. Also remember the great TC having to come on to the pitch and plead for calm so the game could carry on.
  9. It’s odd how this so called simplified form of the game overall has lower runs per ball than T20s, takes more minutes per ball than T20 and has lower crowds.
  10. I remember this incident, a lot of very unhappy city fans including some that hadn’t missed a game for years. As I lived in Minehead at the time so I drove down and wondered why the away following looked down in numbers. Didn’t hear the reason until the next day. All the games I’ve been to at at Plymouth mingle into one, dreadful and this was no exception
  11. That was when Plymouth played Forest
  12. Yes I’m sure Glos will be ok too…………..but they’ll still have to play within a few hundred meters of the scrapyard that is the Mem’ no wonder they can’t match Somerset’s crowds
  13. To play for and manage both clubs maybe?
  14. He might well be a relative but I don’t think a close one as I think we’d have heard about it by now
  15. Nobody knows what’s on its way but the strength of feeling for the county game is huge. Somerset sold out today, despite 10 players being out and the crap weather. In their last game they had 450,000 interactions on their live feed. It ain’t one man and his dog
  16. Much as I dislike the 100, seeing all these debuts for the young cricketers has been great, I’ve lost count now and they’ve all done well. I’m both excited and worried about the future of county cricket. I’m sure Somerset will be ok but it’d be sad to see any county go
  17. This is the sort of quality content I’m looking for on a forum, a pie thread with occasional body part pictures we can comment on
  18. I’ve just read this piece about him supporting us, how he was at the Man Utd game and how he’d only ref us if it was a pre season friendly behind closed doors. Ummm! https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/premier-league-referee-kevin-friend-4088011
  19. Some great tributes. Younger fans must wonder what us older one’s are on about when they hear us moan “supporting City isn’t like it used to be” They must think, well hang on, we were in the bottom leagues back then and now we’re an established championship club. The reason we say it is Terry Cooper. When he was at the club we as supporters were as important as anyone. No secrets, if you saw Terry after a game and asked him why he took Glyn Riley off, he’d tell you. He would listen to you and your opinion. He would lead by example in everything he did, if the phone was ringing in the office as he walked through, he’d answer it. As a player he was just an absolute joy to watch and would sometimes have you in stitches as he weaved his way through the opposition at just over walking pace. We may not have had highly paid players and rarely got a mention in the national media as we struggled in the basement leagues but it was THE best time to be a City fan
  20. I got the feeling as a well Known City fan he was trying too hard to prove he was not biased towards us. As Nige said, better to get them decisions out the way this week
  21. If I was to pick a stand out person in my 45 years of watching City, it would be Terry Cooper. He made a difference, a big difference. I remember meeting him a couple of times after games and he was a lovely bloke, he made you love the club more than you already did. He even answered the phone once when I rang up the ticket office. A true club legend
  22. The bookies I’ve seen have us around 6th -7th from bottom, which is about right I think, maybe a couple places higher
  23. I was planning my escape route for next Saturday, the holiday traffic back to Devon is a nightmare and I’ve got to get back smartish. The traffic around Clevedon/Weston junctions are usually bad so I was thinking of the A38 and had completely forgot about the new bypass to get me from LA bypass to Bemmy Down. It didn’t exist when I lived in Bristol. Game changer.
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