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  1. In the Scottish play offs, Lowland League winners Bonnyrigg beat the winners of the Highland League and then played Cowdenbeath who were bottom of League 2 over two legs, so next season Bonnyrigg are in the Scottish league. Bonnyrigg only qualified for the Lowland League in 2019. Another Gretna perhaps?
  2. So we say goodbye to away games at Fulham & Bournemouth and gain ones at Norwich and Sunderland.
  3. When awarded a free kick. the team may take it so as they're ready without having to wait for the Ref's permission.
  4. and further back; Alan Dicks. September 1980 Alan was sacked after a poor start in Div 2. 20 months later we were in Div 4. Conversely, sacking Fred Ford in mid season prevented relegation.
  5. Being frivolous; Tim ap Sion is an anagram of Moist Pain. Ben Acer = Beer Can.
  6. Stood in the East End we could sense what was going to happen so all shouted "leave it Geoff". Wonderful game for neutrals though. 2-0 up, 2-2 HT, 2-4 down but drew 4-4. At 3-4 when Peter Cormack came on, we realised we can draw this.
  7. Sunderland won in 37 and again in 73.
  8. My wife asked if it was the Cup Final today and I didn't know. It's definitely not the same anymore. Instead I've been watching the ice hockey world championship on the Freesport channel. Last year Britain qualified to be in the world's top 10. Those ten play each other with the bottom one dropping back into a lower tier. Team GB lost the first eight games as did France. In the final game France took a 3-0 lead, but GB won 4-3! Today was the first day of this years championship. GB took on the Czechs. 0-0 after the first interval and surprisingly GB had 6 shots to just 4 by the Czechs. As he game went on the Czech's playing superiority came through and they won. It didn't help when our best forward went off after just 10 mins after being struck in the teeth by a Czech hockey stick.
  9. Easier to get to yes, but getting away. Anyone else remember not only losing 3-0 in heavy rain, but the grass car park turned to mud. Cars had to be towed out of Wycombe's car park.
  10. Also with these youngster, no niggly fouls, vicious tackles, diving or arguing with the Ref.
  11. Watching Youtube and I'm surprised by the number of comments in the right hand column from foreigners who are watching. The best so far is; "York’s Ground about 58 times better than the Memorial Tented Swamp" to which \a Portuguese has replied "LopesNão é possível." which translates as not possible!
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