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  1. I read "Gerry Gow's legacy" and thought you meant;
  2. "1-0 down, 2-1 up, Midtjylland (who) knocked Celtic out of the Euro Cup"!
  3. Too true. One day City were playing QPR, and I turned the TV on just as Brechin City 0 Queen's Park 3 flashed up!
  4. A Brechin fan used to post on this forum. Like us, their colours are red & white and they are BCFC causing him to take an interest in us.
  5. 22A

    FA Cup 2021-21

    Some of our locals ended up in a different part of the Extra Prelim draw. And in the Preliminary Round
  6. BBC red button stated Match Abandoned. Was it 1-0 at the time?
  7. https://www.thefa.com/news/2021/jul/09/20210709-emirates-fa-cup-extra-preliminary-and-preliminary-round-draws-made Those progressing from the EPR picking up £1125 and those in the PR collecting £1444. Losing clubs will get £375 and £481 respectively in each round. I've pulled out our localish clubs. Saturday 7th August Extra preliminary Round. Saturday 21st August Preliminary Round
  8. The majority of the entire Scottish League is based on the Edinburgh - Glasgow corridor. Peterhead, Cove Rangers and previously, Elgin and Inverness had worries about the increased travelling when promoted from the Highland League. Finances aren't that good in our National League, but a few years ago Bath travelled to Gateshead where the attendance was just 900.
  9. So we could end up with Swindon; Manager and no players and Rovers players, but no Manager. A merger of mediocrity on the cards?
  10. Open End 1968 - 69 was 2/6 (12.5p) for under 16s, 5 bob (25p) for over 16s. Then the prices started rising an in 1972 as a 17 year old, my first job paid £510 / year, yes less than £10 / week. Living at home was essential.
  11. That, like all seated stadia, was a recommendation of that Taylor report. For some reason, clubs didn't adopt that one and the league did not enforce it.
  12. Just for interest's sake; Fort William began with a 3-0 defeat. Celtic B drew 1-1 at home to East Kilbride whilst Rangers B game at East Stirlingshre was abandoned.
  13. OK, these teams struggle financially any way, but last year was a complete write off for them. Both the Lowland & Highland Leagues kick off their new season today. There are two new teams in the Lowland League; Celtic B and Rangers B. That's a useful precedent. If English Prem teams want to play their B teams in the EFL, suggest they play in the National League. There was mention on here some time back about Fort William FC who lost at least 23 games in each of the last few seasons letting in a minimum of six goals each game. They are still with us and play today.
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