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  1. I guessed Mick was going as at the end of the game he and Terry Connor shook hands as if saying farewell.
  2. Autumn 1980 City were struggling for cash. Gerry Gow was transferred to Manchester City for £180,000 (as it was aa take it or leave it offer, to raise some capital. At the end of the season, he played in the F.A. Cup final for his new team and at the end of his career, he returned to the West Country and had managerial spells with Yeovil Town and Weymouth. At Weymouth he endured so much abuse he walked away from the game.
  3. "It was pretty much exclusively an Eritrean Barbers " you could have started a chant "One nation in Ethiopia, there's only one", or "Tigray, Tigray, Tigray".
  4. Three memories of the night; Six months earlier WBA had won 2-0 at the Gate, but we were optimistic travelling up the M5 that night. In the second half someone uttered "10 minutes". I thought they meant ten minutes had passed, but to my amazement, it was only ten minutes to go, such was the pace of the game. Afterwards the coach I was on passed the player's coach and they were cheering us!
  5. When the draw was made someone said to Gerry G "That means you'll be up against Bremner". When I heard Gow's reply, I knew we were going to win; "Well I'm a Scot aren't I and I'm as good as him aren't I"?
  6. Not just last night either; he's playing consistently well.
  7. It seemed to me that having got into the Forest area, too many of our players simply lacked the confidence to shoot.Forest were even shooting from outside the box. I think other teams are aware of City's fragility because immediately after equalising, Forest players picked up the ball and sprinted back to the centre spot to get the game restarted. They KNEW they could win that game. If City haad equalised in the 90th, we#d have wasted time kicking the ball into touch.
  8. Whatever happened to shuffling past the turnstile operator (at the age of 18) and handing over 2/6 instead of five bob to gain entry?
  9. 22A

    FA Cup 2021-21

    Here's the full list of results; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/fa-cup/scores-fixtures
  10. Here's their initial comments; https://bournemouth-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/bristol-city-v-afc-bournemouth.14683/
  11. A few years ago weren't QPR threatened with something like this? If the eFL refused to have them, QPR would have gone from the Prem straight into the National League. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/37412-derby-county-administration-with-the-slight-possibility-of-liquidation-still-there/page/171/#comments there's talk of a group making an offer to buy club, ground and training ground for £45 million.
  12. During the crowd trouble, I noticed some of he alleged Hungary fans were waving Polish flags and one had a red & white jacket with "Polska" on the back. East Europe team night out was it?
  13. The fact that Carlisle saw fit to sack their Manager after losing to Rovers says a lot about other's opinion of the gas.
  14. 22A

    FA Cup 2021-21

    It will be for the gas next season.
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