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  1. No coaches sit in the stands on a consistent basis hence there are none, LJ has gone as far as saying he'd want to but is conscious of the reaction he'd get if he did from the crowd as its not the accepted thing to do.
  2. There are rules about what can be sent to the bench for video Perhaps Nigel would rather trust his own judgement when watching a game from a vantage point and trusts those below to be communicators. Motivationally could actually make players work harder knowing Nige has a view point to see more rather than a touchline view. Other managers/head coaches have spoken on wanting to be up higher but its not the thing in football. There's a reason its done in sports like rugby as it gives a better tactical viewpoint. Personally my opinion is that the decision makers being in a position to give themselves the best possible information is better than having someone conveying what they see.
  3. The difference in the fine between this and fines for racism is disgusting
  4. I used to turn up for exactly 5pm when permit parking only stopped and then go get some food before the game
  5. Field day for their left side with how little protection Tanner would be given
  6. you seriously think staff aren’t bothering to do jobs? Or do you just conveniently forget Bournemouth will also have people watching us and planning against us and the fact Bournemouth are one of the best teams in the league?
  7. So do people think Exeter ‘should’ go for cat 2? The same way city ‘should’ go for cat 1? They do fine at their current level bringing through players without the need to be at a higher level
  8. Not much you can do if the person hands in their notice which is what I assume happened here. Probert was doing a great job but this is a chance for him to work above academy level as well as doing academy work, no hard to see why he’d go for the chance
  9. So what you're saying is we need to build tens of thousands of more ships and take them out of the water too......
  10. Middlesex in Div 2, get in the bin Gus
  11. Beyond the obvious of helping family, I'd probably look to help out sports clubs, all the ones I've played for definitely, as an example one club I've played a sport for don't have their own facilities and play at a school, so give enough money for a pitch and clubhouse to be built to help the club develop. Another doesn't have the money to develop facilities and has to spend their money on things which are must do's rather than what they'd like to do to improve experiences for people there. Then branching off from that something which looked to create more sports facilities for communities at a cost where it only just covers costs of maintaining facilities rather than for profit. This might sound harsh, but as much as helping friends would be great when you start helping some then others would probably ask why you didn't help them and can cause more problems then the solution with bitterness between people starting.
  12. They don’t give a shit how their data is used, it’s this line that’s the key part ‘They also want an annual fee from the companies for any future use.’ Slade has highlighted 150 companies, 150 x whatever they would be owed every year
  13. Why is Jonny Bairstow working in our recruitment department?
  14. Or England don’t actually have masses of resources to cover loads of levels so stick to a primary focus unless they have other knowledge (ie Kevin Betsy with his city connections picking Benarous and Scott)
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