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  1. It won't be, anything light to moderate makes that noise on the camera microphone
  2. Now we know why Exeter weren't charging for this
  3. Diamond perhaps? Probably 442 with wide midfielders rather than them trying to play as wingers
  4. Lrrr

    Tokyo Olympics

    I paid £7 to get Discovery+ for a month, however I can watch any sport at any time with the on demand stuff online, they're also doing hour long highlights end of each day/next morning.
  5. Seems to be that England players with families are considering pulling out of the Ashes tour if their families can’t travel due to Aussies strictness on who comes in as those who play T20 WC would be away for 4 months.
  6. They've said on the website that anyone who paid the all in for the three pre-season games gets the Villa game for free I think, which is fair essentially giving it out instead of the Celtic game
  7. Lrrr

    Tokyo Olympics

    A new question of sport captain
  8. I heard the one talking about his move being just before Covid, can't be easy when you think about it, a new City you'd only just moved to and everything closes so you've not had a chance to get to know it for a year really. Hopefully with things opening up he'll settle in better too in that sense.
  9. Hands up anyone whose shocked Banton got out cheaply after being starved of cricket for a month
  10. Lrrr

    Weston game

    Preseason a ‘Bristol City XI’ is U23’s
  11. James Morton on MK’s bench, different one or same…?
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