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  1. He did but I believe we will bring walsh/Morrell in as regulars
  2. I think we could be going that way, Holden has spoken on wanting to win the ball back quickly, Weimann is the best presser of the ball we have, he was always frustrated no one else would press intensely so someone like Wells with him could work.
  3. Lrrr


    Your fault...
  4. If you want to be able to see all content put out by the club then yes frankly. The type of content put out on the likes of twitter isn't the sort of content that would make it to the website, anything then important enough makes the website.
  5. The season is already condensed so cramming potentially 5 more games in from October reduces rest time between games throughout the season, add teams who go further in cups etc. We saw the condensed format recently affect players after several games, picture doing it over a whole season. If the season needs to be stopped at all then you've got the hard deadline of Euro 2021 so its not like you can push the season back again. Tickets will go to season ticket holders initially, rumoured capacity will be 25%/30% ish which means a max of 9000 and we normally have approx 12,000 ST holders.
  6. Laughable some of the comments on there as if they're being picked on, even a suggestion of the championship breaking away and making PL2
  7. Judging by the uncut video on youtube of day 1 Nagy finished with the best performance in the yo-yo test
  8. It’s not like he has years left and we’re looking to get rid, he’s got 12 months left and seemingly won’t sigh another deal, would you rather he left for free next summer?
  9. It’s pretty logical we created less as we were trying to work the ball into better positions to shoot from which leads to high conversion rate but less shots as attacks break down. Teams more willing to take pot shots increases shot count and therefore reduces conversion rate
  10. 1st day is a testing day, could well be they were organising stuff and moving in to somewhere etc
  11. With squad as of today Bentley Vyner Kalas Moore Hunt Dasilva Morrell Massengo Walsh Paterson Wells
  12. Frankly I'd hope we'd just get the rumoured full fee (£5.3m) back at least, anything over that is a bonus. He's a 13/14 goal a season striker based on his time with us not a 17/18/19 or 20+ striker at our level.
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