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  1. Are you sure you’ve just not got two log ins and you’ve come in under a different email account? @glastonred exists as a different account to @Ark - see below
  2. You didn’t look that anxious playing football darts…
  3. I’m hoping to get to both the FGR and Reading away games in the next month. In the case of FGR, that’s now less than two weeks away and unless I’ve missed something, there’s been no announcement on tickets. Anyone know if there’s been an announcement on sales? @JerrySLO?
  4. I think the big difference this year will be mentality. We were in a huge rut last year, and were happy (under Holden initially) to sneak a game, not believing we could match the other teams. That continued under Pearson as the players were just shot. The getting rid of so many players, plus Ashton, plus Werhun, plus Rolls, removes a lot of baggage - it isn’t that Hunt etc were bad players, but to play that way for that long is mentally draining - I made that point during the season. Even someone like Walsh who didn’t play would be a negative influence - how could he not be while being injured all the time and never getting an opportunity? Fast forward to now. New head of fitness, players - and players with PMA such as Weimann - back fit, Kalas & Nagy off a great euros, proven winners in James and King on board, a hugely promising CB signed and added to a core of young, hungry, academy players of potential. The vibe will be different. We’re not beaten before we get on the pitch. Cautiously Optimistic? Yep.
  5. I think you’ll find that’s the Rovers squad
  6. Why does Rolls suddenly appear, every time, he is near? Just like me, he longs to be, crippling you…
  7. …if this walkabout ever occurred at Ashton Gate..??
  8. Well done. You win daftest comment of the day award. Basics of football - it’s always the man coming onto the balls shout. If there’s a goal kick and the centre half is calling for it, the midfielder should cede. If it’s the keeper shouting, the defender cedes. Basics of football 2 - forwards are expected to make forward runs in the expectation of receiving the ball, as opposed to receiving the ball before running. That does mean that forwards do play with the ball behind them, not facing up, on occasions (So the answer to your question is “sometimes”). So, the majority of captains are typically centre halves or centre mids. Why? They have the game in front of them and can communicate with most other members of the team easily (not like keepers with forwards and vice versa). Don’t believe me? 17 of 20 named PL captains last year were midfielders or defenders. 14 of those were CM or CB. Only one player has captained a PL winning side who wasn’t a midfielder or defender (Cantona). Gary Neville was the only other one who didn’t play centrally. But, you carry on.
  9. Gaschat being completely normal and comparing Joey’s actions with Adam Johnson’s - in turn normalising Johnson’s actions. From a safeguarding expert no less
  10. Because, as has been said many times, bookies odds are a reflection of where the money is being placed as opposed to what may actually happen. Likelihood is a small number of people have lumped on at say 33-1 and because most people haven’t bet yet as squads are still taking shape, it’s been enough to move the dial. I’d reckon we’ll drift out again before the 7th.
  11. Just seen Plymouth playing Boro tonight, Pato playing for Boro. More importantly, Plymouth are showing the game free through their version of Robins TV. Fingers crossed sets a precedent for our game there.
  12. I never tend to like forwards being captains - I like the captain to be able to see the game in front of them. Typically, I prefer a centre back/centre mid as captain as long as mentality is right. It also has to be someone who would play most games. For those reasons, I’d rule Martin out. I’d say Kalas should continue. But I’d also say the mentality of leading should apply to all players. Too often last year players hid and the leadership came from people like Han-Noah.
  13. We’ve learnt nothing from David Seal. Nothing.
  14. If we are to stand any chance in this game, we gotta get rid of the Gass
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