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  1. Dave - I genuinely can’t remember a conversation like that last night. Can you point me to it???
  2. I think the statement is quite abrupt, and if it was health related, I’d have expected it to be a bit warmer. So I go with the theory it’s NP getting rid. A thought is that Carlisle are currently managerless. Simpson had some success there before so might it be he’s going for that?
  3. Probably. He’s a successful singer so doesn’t need the cash.
  4. Having watched highlights… - Scott is a pen (see below) - Wells shot onto post definitely saved - Definitely pen for Forest - Taylor not offside - Taylor definitely handball So, I reckon of 5 decisions 2 are right (the ones Forests way) and 3 are wrong (the ones our way). That’s not bitter, that’s madness.
  5. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12438671/bristol-city-1-2-nottingham-forest Highlights…
  6. Didn’t think he was that lucky tbf
  7. I was kind of pointing out the irony of having a username consisting of “Cityloyal” and then writing a note calling City “pathetic”, Ashton Gate a library and saying there was only one way this was ending. But if irony isn’t your bag, feel free to move on…
  8. I’d have a think about changing that username if I were you….!
  9. Tbf I don’t disagree with that - but the question was why Bournemouth had that squad and not us.
  10. I’ve binned (recycled) my FFT this month, but I actually recall it’s even worse. The Memorial Ground is ranked higher than Ashton Gate. Apparently based on these five factors…
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