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  1. I’ve played against Met Police, there is no such thing as a “friendly” , when they play.....
  2. Yep, this is correct, I was at this game too.
  3. Goalkeeper mainly, but up front when opportunity knocked
  4. All three great away days, what’s not to like?
  5. Can not see any club foregoing the TV money , but I feel your pain
  6. No, they will want the Premier League to reduce in size , and to scrap the League and probably the FA cup. Why bother with so many smaller clubs ? Seriously pissed off with this Americanisation of football
  7. These clubs are not bothered by local fans, they are looking to sell TV rights across the World
  8. As I see it , the Yank owners want a NFL type franchise league, whereas the European clubs want to replace the English Premier League with a European one. The initial twelve will be permanent members ( no relegation) , others will be “ invited “ to join them subject to wealth Hate this, if it happens I won’t be watching
  9. Good luck to our girls tomorrow
  10. I expect they are quite relieved
  11. What do Ashton and Moore have in common, WBA Done deal
  12. Assume his journey is “essential “, or is if different rules, as always
  13. Grey Fox


    I think Howe is the personality type that the City hierarchy would want, I also don’t think Howe is certain to be offered a job with a Premier League side, as he only has had limited success at Bournemouth. His one other manager job was at Burnley, which didn’t work out particularly well. City , a club which historically likes to give managers a good go , rather than the Watford style revolving door type club may well appeal to Howe
  14. I’ve had enough of this, football without fans is pointless, and with Holden in charge we will literally be pointless. Will be back when I can actually go, and can do so via the pub.
  15. As always money rules My prediction for the very near future is that the European Super League will happen, stealing the Premier League’s crown, meaning that the lucrative TV money the PL currently relies on will be drastically reduced. This will have a knock on effect for the Championship and lower leagues, both in terms of cash grants and transfer fees. The so called big clubs will become richer and increasingly “ global brands” , the rest may become more locally centric, with budgets to match. Not all clubs will survive this change, at least as fully professional, and league sizes will probably reduce. In my opinion, this is not what I want, but is inevitable and although City will never be one of the elite, it is not all bad.
  16. Is the medical room big enough?
  17. At that salary level pension contributions are capped by HMRC, poor guy
  18. Both our preferred full backs are injured, and these two are being asked to play every game.
  19. The reality is woman’s football at this stage of its development is not a “ business proposition “, but for a club like City it is an opportunity to provide a platform to grow the game in the South West. Rather than invest in top players from who knows where I believe City would be better off to allow the team to be relegated to a level that they can compete in, and use what resources we have to produce our own players from local girls. We will never match Man City / Chelsea etc in this league but we can help grow the sport in the SW and in time begin to climb the women’s pyramid whilst providing professional standard access / facilities to the girls of our area.
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