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  1. A nice comment underneath that article! “Also a disgrace was the pitch invasion at Bristol Rovers a few weeks ago. The pitch was invaded 5 minutes from the end when BR scored a seventh goal to lift them into an automatic promotion place. The game restarted 20 minutes later but I imagine the opposition were too scared to play anymore and just wanted to get off the pitch safely. If the opposition had pulled a goal back in those last 5 minutes BR would have had to settle for the playoffs, not to mention the riot that may have ensued.”
  2. This was what the EFL put out on Weds - as you say, capacity reductions etc. on the agenda EFL Statement: Crowd Behaviour - News - EFL Official Website
  3. Hope we don’t go back to fences, but because of the nutters/drunks, you have to move to no tolerance to anyone going on the pitch (bans, fines etc.) And I have some sympathy for Vieira tonight - why should he just take it from someone who should not be anywhere near him?
  4. Agree. One of the worst penalties I think I’ve seen - and then he laughed
  5. Samba got them through that match. Some good saves during the game and that’s got to be one of the best performances I’ve seen from a keeper in a penalty shoot out - he owned it.
  6. Love the play offs (unless we’re in them!)
  7. Everton now down to 10 men so not all over just yet.
  8. There was a nice section at the end of Saturday’s show when Colin signed off plus some highlights of the last four years. Ashton Gate popped up a couple of times.
  9. Everton as not been outside top flight for years
  10. Agree it’s poor. If they’re going to use it for audio as well, they need to commentate for those who don’t have pictures. The long silences don’t tell us a lot! I was going to cancel it after today’s match anyway so I’m not charged over the Summer but hopefully they get it sorted for next season.
  11. Makes sense not to risk him for this last match my view. Key for us that he has a well prepared off season and that he is fit to last next season. I also wonder if Benarous picking up an ACL injury also came into the thought processes.
  12. Agree - certainly not the worst season. Since we were promoted to the Championship in 2015, in terms of points total, we’ve had 3 worse seasons and 3 better seasons. Probably sums some this season - some good things, some poor things - middling. Score plenty of goals though so there’s a positive. To be honest, I wish the season still had more to run as feels like we have finally clicked. I have more concern about the break and whether we will lose players/the current momentum.
  13. Yes I was surprised. Just watched this. Wonder if club finances have anything to do with these decisions not to renew contracts - perhaps hoping for cheaper options.
  14. Me too. Lived in Exeter for most of the 90s. Nice city and nice old school ground (with a railway station!)
  15. Agree - well done Exeter and about time! They’ve been knocking on the door of promotion for years and this from BBC Sport reinforces that: 2022 - Promoted to League One 2021 - Missed play-offs by three points 2020 - Beaten play-off finalists 2019 - Missed play-offs by one point 2018 - Beaten play-off finalists 2017 - Beaten play-off finalists
  16. What a shame. I was hoping it was Nathan Byrne given his antics all those years ago v Swindon!
  17. Believe Baldock has been injured for most of his time at Oxford, although I understand he had started well there playing alongside Matty Taylor.
  18. He was asked this Q in the pre-match press conference yesterday. Sensibly said that he’ll play whatever system suits the players at his disposal. And having a reliable defence is the first criteria for whether you can play a back 4; defensive midfielder is a secondary issue.
  19. Agree nothing to see here. It was just a factually accurate line from NP stating the bleeding’ obvious.
  20. Ryley needs his own TV series!
  21. So apart from Semenyo, Weimann, what have the Romans ever done for us?!
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