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  1. It’s a pain for the first few home matches too. Coming from Wiltshire it looks like rail replacement bus from Bath to Bristol which I think I’ll avoid!
  2. Agree. I can’t recall Baker playing right side for us before and he looked more comfortable than I was expecting
  3. I liked the look of him tonight as well. He’ll be good competition for Dasilva.
  4. Agree. Enjoyed that. We’re looking harder to beat, taking account of the fact that Celtic are ahead of us in preseason.
  5. Can we not have extra time and pens?!
  6. well they are playing Bristol City!
  7. Agree. We’ve looked a lot more resilient. I think the experience of James and King has helped.
  8. Making the changes on 60mins
  9. Doing well to keep it to nil at the moment. You can tell Celtic ahead of us in preseason.
  10. Tough to take after our history of penalty shootouts, but overall Southgate and the squad can hold their heads up high. I still don’t feel as bad as I did v Brighton in 2004.
  11. Enjoyed that. Alan Ball played well. Bobby Moore was a like a modern centre back - great on the ball. And it was a goal (using modern day pause, rewind and slow-mo!)
  12. We’ve just equalised (1-1)! Great atmosphere. I’m not convinced I’ve ever watched the whole match before. Looks good in colour too.
  13. For anyone interested, they’re showing the 1966 final on channel 4 now. They’ve redone it in colour. Bobby Moore is playing well!
  14. I’m looking forward to seeing Matty James and Joe Williams this season. Above all, though, I just hope they can stay fit. Watching Rob Atkinson bringing it out from the back could also be fun, judging by the clips of him at Oxford.
  15. Hope they play their Euros winners!
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