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  1. Great fact from the BBC - we've won our last three away games…we've not won four consecutive away games whilst in either of the the top two divisions since 1906…sadly...
  2. Ayling gave the ball away, choosing to play out of trouble. Defensive mistakes.
  3. Well done everyone. Couldn't be there today. Sounded passionate! Great result.
  4. Cotts interview: away from the blaming the ref and their keeper having a blinder he said a couple of interesting things. Argued that he wasn't able to rest players - not got the players to do that. And the same players will all have to play again over the next few weeks. The players gave everything they had - left it on the pitch at West Brom. Not having signings has been a concern since May, we're trying to do a season's worth of recruiting in this window "it's nigh on impossible". He didn't give me any sense that anything will change. I'm not sure it's his fault….but there's nothing to suggest things will improve. What a shambles. Fiasco.
  5. Depressing. Can't see this changing any time soon. Wasn't there this evening and not sorry tbh. Such a change from last season's optimism. Reflects a total failure to properly prepare for this season. A failure which many, many on here called before the season started. Not good enough. And the prospect of frustration and defeat does very little to inspire anyone to get in the car and travel a round trip of over 100 miles!
  6. Great photo...and this is why we really can't afford to relegated. How wonderful to have a young and talented player who apparently barely speaks our language so enthused about playing well for our club. Go down and we can kiss that goodbye. Let's hope that behind the scenes things are kicking on…and that the powers that be appreciate the passion that will take over 5000 people to Brum to watch City on a miserable winter afternoon.
  7. Sat in our front room, we all knew what would happen when we gave away two unnecessary free-kicks in the last 90 seconds. Pathetic in truth. So predictable! Fair play to the fans who travelled. Don't deserve this constant disappointment.
  8. I'm starting to have to pretend that I don't care! What a contrast to this time last year. The comparison with Preston is stark…how exactly have we thrown away so much momentum and goodwill? Answers from the top would be appreciated.
  9. If we get out of this it will be little short of a miracle. I've followed the club through some dreadfully depressing seasons in the past…early 80s taking the biscuit…and what they've had in common with this season is the simple fact that from the off the squad hasn't been up to the job. I feel sorry for the fans…and for the players who did such a good job earlier in the year. Shambles.
  10. curling right foot shot from the edge of the area - set up by Wilbs and Reid - "clinical finish"
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