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  1. If you don't try.....you will never know?. I am not suggesting free tickets and a red carpet welcome.,.just a pleasant request for some possible assistance, you'd be surprised what you can get if you politely ask for a little help from the right person?
  2. Thinking maybe you should contact the club....if someone can take the trouble and expense to travel so far to watch Bristol City FC, the least the club can do is help you out with tickets and information? Plus it will be good PR for the club, if they have any common sense?
  3. Don't bring Jimi into this? If only Hendrie played football as well as Jimi played guitar,....... then i may just have listened to Little Lee the 2nd's opinion.....Ha!!
  4. If he was put on the spot about tactical decisions and midfield formations, I can see him floundering? "Yeah they'll go up cos' they got big support and I like the manager" is about his limit. You would have thought, with all the ex pros looking for work, they could turn up some intelligent and insightful analyst's, it does make me ponder, first, how some of them get in the door, and secondly..... stay in work?
  5. In that case, why weren't Sheffield Utd, Derby and Middlesborough promoted as they had the biggest attendances? Not to mention WBA , Coventry and Stoke? But incredibly Bournemouth went up with an average attendance of ..........9,753? The lowest of any Championship club. Equating support and success on the pitch has no logic, Hallelujah!! ..............If it were the case, then Man U and Arsenal would have finished first and second, in the Prem last season? IMHO Sunderland will do well to finish in the Top 12........it's all about opinions...but also research?
  6. Your quite right........his opinion is no more valid than some bloke at a bus stop, so why worry? But i do wonder how these barely articulate has- beens get employed, is he sha***ng the producer, or has he got some dirt on the director? How else would someone pay him for spouting inane drivel........ok, he can say what he wants......but should it really be broadcast? Ha!
  7. So were Bolton Wanderers?..........and Bradford City and Sheffield Wednesday.......need i go on? Ha!
  8. Your quite right, it was a little over the top. I put it down to too much lager and the hot weather...Ha! I`hope i didn't offend anyone. However it was underhanded to lie, and make Naismith and City out to be the villains, while knowing all along it was untrue............I would like to think City would be more honest, but maybe that's my naivety?
  9. Exactly....got it in one?. So stripping away the bull....t, Luton Town and Jone's lied through their teeth to make themselve 's look affronted and the good guys, while the whole time they were doing a Boris, and knew the entire time that Naismith was leaving, because they are a bunch of cheapskate mofo's. Yet again, it portray's what a horrible little football club they are? Not only lying to the media, but also to their own supporters.............what a vile, pathetic team.
  10. It was the Spirit Raiser Crew ........... a far right fundamentalist faction of Athletico Druid were responsible, I have video evidence (available for a fee)
  11. In reference to the Cash Out/Do Not Cash Out dilemma that has been aired previously when it comes to accumulator bets?..............I noticed a Royal Ascot punter who put a £2.12p Bet on all SEVEN runners on Day 5, he took the decision to cash out after the first 3 came in for £463.75...............however if he had let the bet continue to run.......he would have scooped £83,638.00 As I said, it's a dilemma? Ha!!
  12. You wouldn't want to wake up in the night after a few beers........and go looking for the outside toilet?
  13. For Educate..........Read Pessimism. Ha! I honestly believe that it reduces the likelihood of Antoine departing considerably. He won' t be back properly until after the Whitewash Cup....then hopefully he will stay at least until Season 23/24...........I Optimistically state?
  14. FIFA appoint Downsy to be the Qatar World Cup DJ?...........Come on?.......this just has to be a wind up ?
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