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  1. My family and friends talk of little else
  2. Anyone know where Sideshow Bob was yesterday ? Didn't spot him anywhere?
  3. I now remember why I do not watch women's football...........and these are the best 11-18 lady footballers in Great Britain? I assure you I am not being sexist.........I have given it a chance, but it's just dull.
  4. Watching my first women's game for sometime, and i see the goalkeepers are still as outstanding as ever? In fact that is all the Chile keeper did? Stand. If she had jumped, she might even have got a glove on that cross?
  5. To be fair BS4 has a valid point..........Tammy has become a bit part player, although you are quite right about Engerland caps and CHAMP league. But I among many others felt he would become an established international and Premier League fixture in a top side? But it just hasn't happened for Tammy, i still feel that if he can sign for the right club/manager he can still become a top player, and maybe even get back in the Engerland squad. He's a top bloke, and I wish him well.
  6. No offence...............but i think you should get your coat?
  7. Yep....that's where I'm putting my Kebab Van Innit?........so back off
  8. My My .........you appear to have a real Arsenal fixation. Not only that, but a pedant to boot? If Southgate sees him as a long term Engerland player then there is no more to be said? PS. Could you be a closet Man U fan?
  9. Hmm! Whether White signs for them or not has no bearing on the perceived lack of leadership at Arsenal. They have signed White because he is young and talented, and has been recruited purely to add ability to the back line. There is plenty of time to add experience to the squad. I don't see the point in signing someone "Just" for their qualities of leadership....the fact that Southgate picked him for the Engerland squad over Dunk and Webster says it all. Over and Out
  10. Dunk is 29 going on Thirty....Arsenal are looking for longevity, after signing too many ageing Centre backs? Webster has barely more experience than White? I didn't see Dunk or Webster called up to the England squad? I respect your opinion, but your wrong.
  11. Ah! That explains why he know so much about "Old and Outdated"?
  12. What a fantastic signing, brilliant business by Arsenal to finally snaffle a quality central defender, which they have been missing for some years. I remember seeing him play for Leeds when they beat us 3-1 in August 2019.........and although it was only Championship level, he stood out as an outstanding footballer who was bound to play at the highest level ......i think 50 mill is a snip considering he is only 23. As for previously being 3rd best at Brighton? Someones 'avin a laugh...Ha!
  13. "Why not play Wells in the Middle?" "Holden is a Great Human" "Mark Ashton is a Merchant Banker" "Have we conceded yet?"
  14. Yep gotta watch that Auto correct?................Outstanding Winger, becomes "Outdoor Swinger" Ooops!
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