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  1. Great observations....... employing the two banks of four to give us more structure is definitely something we need to do more often. The lack of tight marking, and giving too much space is a constant problem, with certain players never knowing when to close down/lay off, and when to get tight? I am hoping that a re- structuring of the coaching staff might bring some improvement, i am keen to see who will be brought in? Lets hope it is someone who can drum good habits and more organisation into the squad?
  2. Martin is running on empty, and has to be rested...and Simpson probably cannot believe that he has managed to steal a years salary IMHO.
  3. Sorry.............but Dave's cracker deserved a much wittier response? I think we will put that down as a WHOOSH! 4/10
  4. You misguided a unrealistic are kneejerk fool................please arrange as you see fit? It will give a 15 minute break from spouting?
  5. Surely Urals would agree that his career has had it's Rockies moments?
  6. It that case he needs some Alp?
  7. Ha! Good one..............I love optimism, even when it is misguided? Be glad if we can even score.
  8. Have to say that i am very pleased that Downing and Simpson are on their way................Galton & Simpson would have been an improvement? You only have to look at he standard of organisation, defending at set pieces, level of passing, basic skill levels etc, to see that an upgrade on coaching is needed? I appreciate that the players are also culpable for the level of performances, but quality coaching staff are essential due to Nige not being a hands on manager. So it is paramount that we have top level coaches dealing with the squad on a day to day basis. And to me it is obvious that the coaching is not of a good enough standard. I wish both of them well, I am certain they will be well compensated for their average efforts, but we need some top coaches with new ideas and input to improve and motivate this squad IMHO. The High Performance Centre's standard of High Performance seems to me, NOT High enough.
  9. Yes that's the ongoing problem, the Premier League seems to be, to a certain extent, a law unto itself. Everything seems to revolve around what they want, and they have such financial clout and influence that it becomes difficult to get things changed. I think it is an unhealthy situation, which needs looking into. I do not have sufficient knowledge about how it all functions, so i need to educate myself, regarding such things as government involvement, rules and parameters. The way they managed to find a suitable means of allowing Newcastle to be taken over in a extremely dubious manner shows just how much money is their master?
  10. So the bottom line is.....will anything be done about it? It just seems like a lot of hollow talk, and absolutely no action. I can see this dragging on and on, unless someone makes a positive stance and shakes the phecking Premier League up somehow?
  11. Make sure the ward sister doesn't see you on the keyboard...........and don't forget to play with the sponges, as sharp objects are a No-No
  12. Thanks Brady Bunch...........for putting me straight
  13. I guess that was kind of inevitable?
  14. If Downing IS the Defensive coach? Then he also needs to be replaced IMHO. With the players we now have available in our defensive squad, we should be so much better organised and solid. The priority to work as a unit at the rear should be being drummed into the back line, which as a force of habit, constantly play too deep. It is the responsibility of the defensive coach to drill, organise and create a strong defence, and make certain they learn deep seated habits and work hard. Improvement is needed at the back in decision making and organisation. Some of the goals we have conceded this season have been poor to say the least. I appreciate a team defends from the front, and that the forwards and midfielders need to contribute to the cause, but the specialist defenders in the team have to learn when to tackle and when to close down....lessons which have not been learnt, as shown by Forest's 2nd goal.
  15. Well done Richard, it is definitely something that needs addressing ASAP. Unfortunately it is probably not as much of a priority with the Premier League authorities, as it should be. They are probably far too busy finding a way to allow Despotic murdering financiers get a foothold on the gravy train? As there is strength in numbers, i think Richard should try to create a pressure group with other like minded EFL clubs so as to get the attention this issue deserves, the more clubs that protest, and call for action the better. Let's just hope that something can be done about this?
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