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  1. I’m not sure you’ve have the same opinion if it was the other way. It’s a clanger of a decision
  2. If we can finish 10-6 then it’s not completely dead. Anything worse and it pretty much is!!
  3. Europe won in America not that long ago.
  4. Does wells score free kicks in training I wonder
  5. Haha Conway just said it takes a lot for Baker to go down!!
  6. Wells misses another chance. Thank god he’s playing eh!
  7. 3-5-2 now Baker on for pring williams on for Bak
  8. Did Martin do anything to you personally in any way? You hate the guy!
  9. Bakinson much better in a midfield 3 in my opinion
  10. Instead of rightfully sending off Chalobah the ref just laughed.
  11. Dasilva caught ball watching, Bakinson not getting back to stop the shot. Easy save Bentley
  12. We look okay. If I was going to be fussy it would be lovely to see 5 progressive passes strung together
  13. Only saw it once but initially worried it could have been red
  14. Someone posted one earlier but assume it’s not working
  15. Awful challenge from Pring. Assume he got booked.
  16. Pearson: we will have to wait to see in the coming days but hopefully he isn’t out too long Interviewer: so we might see him back towards the end of this week then? Pearson : No. I didn’t say that
  17. Don’t think there will be a free one from what I can see. Robins TV with a VPN is the best bet
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