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  1. I'd say the problem is that on balance, against Cardiff it was less of an issue as we stayed compact and hit them on the break. We were much more open against Luton. We lost 50:50s all over the pitch tonight, not just HNM. Thought James was overall the most anonymous hes been since signing. Was just a bad game overall. Think the biggest issues was up front. Martin and Weimann really struggled last night, former was bullied, latter was fairly anonymous.
  2. Play Kalas there. Was fairly solid in the cameos he has played there and gives Tanner time to get up to speed on NP/DR's fitness regime and tactics, especially with Fulham and Millwall coming up. Would hate to chuck him in not fully prepped straight into the deep end. In Nige we trust.
  3. He puts it succinctly and most of NPs post match pressers reflect how many of us feel the match went. He can see it. He isn't blind. Now we'll see going forward whether things are rectified. Onwards. COYR.
  4. Oh come on Bas. At least get the ruddy analogy right...
  5. We have a mismatch of players that don't fit a single system. Hes working with what he's got. This isn't his squad by an stretch. He signed two players that started in the squad today. Luton have a settled squad and on that display could easily be top half this season if they're more composed. They are not a bottom half team. Can we not have this every time we drop points against a team people perceive as weaker than us?
  6. Its David James I believe, he was over 41 when he played his final game for us, if I recall correctly.
  7. It's ironic that they don't seem to question why we barely maneuvered in the transfer market this window. Championship FFP is much harsher, and Ashton ran us into the ground with awful recruitment. No difficulty. We had no money to spend because of him. Not due to anything Gould or Pearson did wrong. Honestly, the sheer arrogance on that Forum reminds me of Villa fans, talk of Prem being the end goal. We were in prime position to push on for playoffs three years ago with a Billionaire owner - no question as to why we/MA failed so badly as to leave for a League One club? Really? - The days of Bankrolling to the EPL are gone. League One FFP rules are much easier than Championship to work around it seems, i.e. Derby, Reading, Birmingham, Sheff Wed, etc, are all examples of clubs that tried and failed. Sustainability was SLs goal, not Ashton's. Guess who rogered that up completely? As for the disdain being because we didn't get promoted...? Do they realise how tough this division is? - I'm just glad Ashton didn't get us relegated, I'd have (and many City fans likewise would) taken small increments each season - the issue is the spending completely outpaced any real progress. I'll reiterate to any Ipswich fans. Don't listed to anything he says. Or at least take it with a huge pinch of salt. The man just lies through his teeth and goes missing when things don't go well - manager eats the farm, but soaks up the limelight when things are.
  8. If Ipswich fans want a simple metric as to why we despise Marky-boy, it's the following. - We were 23rd in this division, when he took reigns as CEO. He was in an advisory position previous to that when Keith Dawe was Chairman, bless that man, who planned and initialised the stadium and training ground plans that Ashton ultimately took credit for. - At the point MA left we were 20th - however: - Never connected with fans; no updates or news from the club with regards to general communications when things were not going well. - Sacked well liked media staff members among others under NDAs (same as he did at Watford). - Net transfer spending and wages were up £35m and 50% per annum respectively, leaving us in a lack FFP shit-pile having been solvent he previous 3-4 year period with outgoings. - Signing players with no regard to tactics or playstyle, scattergun recruitment, leading to a bloated squad, and horrific club culture across most levels. - Inept staffing (fitness), plus managerial appointment(s). Holden, good coach, should never have been named manager after an 8 week search. Ultimately, in terms of every remit where he had targets to hit as a CEO, and with the level of backing he had. He failed - badly. None too gracefully either, and made a few tongue in cheek comments also, as well as outright lies on multiple occasions. I find the Tractor Boys forum thread discussing us also ironic, in whereby they claim we have no idea what it was like for them under Clegg. No shit lads. Pot Kettle Black, etc. Think we have this vendetta against him for fun? By and large seem confused whereby they seem to think we're the only club ran afoul of by MA. His time at Watford is well documented by the same issues, I.e. disagreeing with managers, not connecting with fans, NDAs to longstanding clubs staff to appoint his own 'people'. https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/3995357.oliver-phillips-reflects-on-the-departure-of-mark-ashton-from-watford/ Literally one of the first returns on Google. Not exactly 'hidden'. All we're saying, is take the man never at face value, with a massive pinch of salt, and don't get carried away. @Davefevs @Mr Popodopolous Out of interest, Not 100% clued up on the L1 FFP requirements, but where did Ipswich position in regards to the latter for the last couple of season, and what impact would the change in ownership have? "I suspect it is something we will discover for ourselves in the future. In short, Ashton works with sustaining the books, so our best players may be sold quite regularly to finance the future of the club. I presume with Bristol, he may have been a bit too heavy on his sustainable approach. However, over the long term, it seems to have improved them." Oh sweet summer child, if only you knew the complete absolute clusterfudge our finances were now in compared to where they were 3 years ago...
  9. Only one of those I'd be interested in is Wickham as a rotational player with Martin. Even then that would be completely dependant on wages.
  10. Fuber

    Cam Pring

    He popped him from Cheltenham at 18. I think. Similar to Scott re Guernsey.
  11. Mines in honour of my former longtime-Neighbour Ronald (one armed WWII Vet) who passed 2015 ergo ended up with my current username. Was something of a grandfather figure. Whenever something went wrong he'd say it was 'fuber'. Didn't realise it was the military acronym for "****ed up beyond every reason" until I got sat in the corner in school for saying it. Fun-fact - he lived down the road from Bill Wedlocks Cousins for 20 years after the war.
  12. Interesting. May have to give that second viewing. If I was in Holden's position, I'd likely defer to my "Head of Performance" to know what they're on about. Hypothesising here. Ultimately we'll never likely know.
  13. Not perhaps to that extent. However Rolls was implicit in a sham of a fitness and conditioning team while he was there. Who knows what physio dealt with whom? Ultimately my main point is that Rennie, by comparison (i.e. latters time at Leicester), was much better by comparison.
  14. To be honest I was more pointing towards the fact that Arsenal's physio department was complete bedlam while he was there. At minimum he was part of a bigger issue. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/arsenal-injury-list-joel-campbell-only-outfield-player-not-be-injured-2015-after-santi-cazorla-ruled-out-a6754366.html
  15. Even inspite of that Fevs. We had injury issues with Rolls in that role before last pre season. Question would be who had final sign off re the decision to not bother with an preseason drill or rota. Wasn't Rolls job title Head of Performance? So depends if decision came down to one of Orme, Rolls, Holden, or Ashton.
  16. I feel if anyone could get something out of him it would be Rennie. Ironically one of Jacks worst injuries came while Rolls was at Arsenal. There's a shock. Overall would be completely dependant on wages. If we could play him alongside Massengo as cover/rotate with James could be an option. Would allow us to loan out Bakinson - who I'm not sure suites our current style with regards to the workrate Nige demands off ball. Would have to see whether his legs are truly shot for ourselves ultimately, and unlikely to happen. If he proves fitness touch wood with no issue offer a rolling contract to December, citing no injuries and a number of appearances as an auto extension to end of season.
  17. Mine would be something along the lines of: Heaton; Bikey-Amougou, Carey, Webster; Adomah, Hartley, Elliott, Bryan; Murray, Cole, Akinbiyi.
  18. Scott Murray. We desperate need wingers and goalscorers - both solved.
  19. I'd be shocked if we didn't include sell on as part of that. Think it's been part of general policy since we sold Adomah.
  20. Where abouts is this being reported?
  21. Sadly I'm now of the opinion, that the majority of supporters are completely blinkered when it comes to FFP. Or downright brickwall ignorant at minimum. Wages are up 60-70% over four years. Add to that amortisation. (I.e. think of the fees wasted on those who left on frees I've the last four months). In terms of any investment we're completely hamstrung. A squad full of mediocrity that nobody wants while needing to sell to buy. In short, unless someone comes in for one of ours, we're a bit buggered. End of story. Zip. Natta. Zero. Nothing. Until someones out that door.
  22. Fuber


    Is it? I personally don't think he's had an 8/10 game in near 18 months. At least.
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