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  1. Because irrespective of Sykes not tucking in, Vyner both played Simms onside, and didn't keep himself goalside and got sold on the latter cutting in for a pack of biscuits. Simms is simply aerially and on the ground a handful of a striker at this level. Him and Stewart caused Zak and Naismith all kinds of problems.
  2. I wouldn't have said he was excellent, he was chasing shadows at times even first half - he was OK, poor after the knock. Him and Williams as a combination just don't see to work neither are as good as James positionally. But it's all opinions at the end of the day. Point with regards to Jay was if, as mooted in another post, he was moved to fullback in a 4atb system. He's been fine if unspectacular at Wingback.
  3. True. It would depend on who and their conduct. I'd be happy if they can just keep us stable and appoint a consultant on football matters who could chair the club. Ironically think an American would be ideal for us with the Bristol Sport framework in mind, just weather that's the style of investor that materialises.
  4. Have to point fingers at Han yesterday, he was woeful. Think we'd need Pring back for that - Jay gets massively targeted at FB for his height.
  5. It's been relative under different managers. O'Driscoll and Cotts it was the bust ups with fans which killed it. LJ would have been the second losing streak (end of second season). Holden was the wrong appointment. The key issue this season has been stupid individual errors. If we have three or so games in a row where we are outright outplayed, and we don't shift shape, I'd probably be done. The one thing I'll say for Nige is that, he's not really (barring first season) had any horrible runs, anything close to those under LJ at least. Added to which, there's never been a collective utterly poor series of performances. It's when that does happen, now that he's recruited a fairer portion of this squad and how he reacts that will dictate my view. My support of any manager is not endless. It simply depends on the context of their position and performances. And in the scope things at the minute, it's been stupid errors and individuals not playing well enough that's causing problems.
  6. Fuber


    Error for the goal, although I'd add there was no reason for Bents to play him that ball in that situation. Didn't see the same pace issue everyone else seems to see, didn't seem any slower than Vyner, more the fact that Simm's is pretty rapid. Added to which both him and Stewart are very strong in the air - which showed today. Personally would move Atkinson central, or put Klose in, and judge him when at LCB where he played for Luton where the aerial weakness is less of a problem. Timm in a nutshell - also worth pointing out that same gate was shut while Naismith was alongside him, not replacing the latter. I think he's just the player Naismith needs alongside him. They both communicate, which Kalas not Vyner really do. If we could try converting Rob to the right, I really wouldn't mind a back three of Atkinson, Klose, Naismith. But that's highly unlikely due to balance.
  7. For myself. - Bents still needs better decision making with regards to distribution. Albeit Naismith's fault, no reason to go short in that situation. - Vyner just isn't good enough, struggles with any mobile target man. - Martin simply isn't mobile enough, it's fine when supplemented with Semenyo available, but otherwise simply does not work. Simms would've been perfect for us. - Thought Sykes looks a solid bit of business. - Need a partner for Willams. Massengo not good enough in a two with James injured. Scott should have dropped back earlier. Think as long as we get competition for Martin (ideally shifting Wells on), and a DM, with TK fit, we'll be OK.
  8. I'd argue he could've easily held out for another EPL job. I think his spell out with COVID, more than anything, limited his chances in that regards. Question, then - did you do the same with O'Driscoll?
  9. The only thing I would say, is that Nige had no reason to take this on. I think early on he realised the size of the task. IN spite of his own ill health, he's fighting to see it through. Added to which, first half today we played some passages of play that topped anything I've seen with regards to fluidity in the last 4 years. I understand he's a marmite character, and it may not work out - but he's our manager - I'll (personally) support him until it's clear it has not worked out, or there's no coming back.
  10. One of those midfielders, similar to Nagy, that in a three I can see how it would work. Tactic doesn't help him. Square peg round hole etc.
  11. Agreed, It's an annoyance - as Nige has the analysis downpat - he knows what we need. We just have no way to obtain those jigsaw pieces, and we only stand to lose more of those we hold. This window we simply need a RCB CM and ST. Most of the signings (barring an error from Kal) have looked good - I can see the idea behind the likes of Sykes, Naismith, Wilson. The problem is that there are certain players (Martin, Massengo/James, Vyner) where we need to upgrade, but simply can't until we trade out. It is what it is.
  12. If think the cultures improved. The problem is lack of investment due to FFP. See Ipswich under McCarthy as a comparison. The millions spent on high salaries is punishing us now, no other clubs misspent with regards to turnover as much as we did. Even now with Kalas injured and Wells on the bench you're talking upwards of £2m per season for zero return. I think we may need to sell Scott and reinvest. Honestly - I'm not seeing much of a way out of this unless we implement a complete system integrator (i.e. Bielsa, Martin (Swansea), Evans (Bolton)). The one thing Nigel lacks is tactical knowledge. He's great at delegation and man management, but without his foil (Shakespeare) he's limited.
  13. Disagree with the bold. Put Naismith under unnecessary pressure for the first, and three times the ball has gone wide to Wingbacks with no momentum gained, just needs to go long. Sunderland looked to counter press wing backs at every opportunity. Will add other was played worse today (Massengo, Vyner, Martin), just overall a not good performance. Can't even have a go at the ref - thought Stroud was solid this afternoon. Based on that performance: - Need Jamo fit. - Wouldn't miss Bents. - Need a Striker, at least. - Vyner should have been let go.
  14. Doesn't matter. If he immediately went down, no argument, penalty. He take two full steps and staggered to the floor with the goal in front him. It's not stopped a goal scoring opportunity, nor was it evidently enough to send him to the ground. Ultimately brings the game into disrepute. Bit shameful. I'd be of the same opinion if it happened for us against another team. Just no need, goals right there just smash it in the net.
  15. Bus broke down, Refs ******* useless, deflected winner. Fate just ripping us one today it seems.
  16. Jesus H Christ. If that's a penalty I must have wings. Back in a sec lads going up the Avon Gorge.
  17. Wasn't he coaching our u23s or u18s if I'm not mistaken? Wish him all the best.
  18. Basically - Yes, they are that tight. End of Story.
  19. I somewhat disagree. Focus should be ourselves foremost, then worry about the opposition, if I was in NP's position. The above was LJs entire problem, he didn't focus at all on the strengths of his squad, he focused on trying to stifle and/or counter opposition overristimating the abilities of the players at his disposal as well as his own personal tsctical knowledge (citing the 'Tombola' team selections), long term result of which across his reign was a completely bereft style of play and us not knowing what to do when we had possession; added to a bloated and mismatched squad. It eventually cost him. The key, is balance between focusing on ourselves to be the best we can be - as Nige informed the players this pre season, that's what he and the coaching staff are there for, helping them to fulfuill their potential and be a facility they can use - while setting up a general framework and system for them to operate within, and adaptability regarding opposition setup and lead up to and during a fixture. He'll then attempt to select a team that will counter opposition based on the information given to him by scouts and the clubs analysts to pinpoint opposition strengths and weaknesses where needed while guarding against other aspects. Per the original comment - while perhaps too strong - depending on the context was not 'moronic'. We have a manager whose job is to simply make (very tough) decisions, not scout the opposition tooth and nail. It also ultimately depends on preference of what you/I/others would prefer in a manager overall.
  20. The modern football (and the manufacturing involved) mean they are much more streamlined now - therefore less effort needed to generate pace on the ball, which also isn't as affected by drag.
  21. To be fair - we did reject an offer from Freiburg 12 months ago. Fact of the matter is, in this climate post COVID, barely any clubs are stumping up money period in the current market. Ourselves key among them, small tribunal fees and straight free agent signings. It's for the same reason what offers we have received for Semenyo back in January were laughable, who is technically more of a commodity irrespective of the market being a forward player.
  22. Possible £100k plus Baks for Camara at Plymouth?
  23. I trust Rennie and Nige to have been considerate and thorough with their review of Bakes situation to make sure this is resolved or in continuous review pending announcement by both club and player. We may find out, we may not. It's Bakes wellbeing and may he deal with it how he sees fit. It's none of our business. It's between him and the club. I just hope he does right by himself most of all, and thank him for his service to the club. If more players were as brave and committed in the challenge as he is, and put themselves on the line, we may have had some better seasons the past couple of years which is all you can ask for. It may be he joins the coaching staff in the academy or/is doing his badges etc while the insurance aspect is settled. We can only wait.
  24. Ignorance was blissful while it lasted...
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