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  1. My word TCR sending my best wishes and condolences to you and your family and hoping for some sort of better future.It really is at times like this that you really shouldnt be bothered about the football some things are more important.
  2. Sorry but the chicken was nice and i was hungry!
  3. No need to apologise,i saw it posted by a good friend who is a Leeds fan,i questioned it with him he then checked and was horrified at what he had done!! these people that do this sort of thing are just..................well there are no words.I actually told my wife (who is a Leeds fan) and she was just shocked!
  4. That was fake news apparently someone obviously thought it a good idea to post on twitter that he had died.He is still in the hospice at the moment
  5. Seems like Gas logic to me!!
  6. He has just been sacked,Zippy and Bungle are in temporary charge!
  7. Please dont even joke about that!!
  8. You and quite a few of my City supporting mates as well
  9. Thats a bummer for Gloucester,they are having their best season for years at the New Meadow
  10. Keep fighting this virus Cotts and get well soon!
  11. No probrably the rent man is due
  12. BS13 Robin


    I thought a couple appealed,definately one did
  13. Hi guys,not sure if this is the right place to post this but i have a youths medium 3rd shirt (supposed to fit 9year old)its for my granddaughter whose name is on the shirt but she lives near Barcelona so couldnt try a shirt on before i ordered.I went into the shop today and was told that any spares would be very limited.Just wondering if anyone has a youths xl or 2 xl by mistake or that is too big for their child and wanted a youth medium instead. Thanks in anticipation
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