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  1. What would the police find if they swabbed the houses of parliament I wonder?
  2. As desperate as we are to get rid of our deadwood this summer, I cannot believe Johnson would be daft enough to sign an ex-Hearts player for Hibs, and one who's been average at best for Hearts at that. That wouldn't so much be getting off on the wrong foot with Hibs supporters as shooting himself in both feet before he's barely started the job.
  3. OK semantics aside, I'm not sure he was helped whatsoever by how the club was set-up and run at the time though
  4. You're right. But ask yourself why he had to resort to signing such players. It was because the club's infrastructure was a joke. He had little to no meaningful support around him. I'm pretty sure Foster, Wilson and Bates weren't his, or anyone's, idea of the best defenders out there. The 3 suits in charge at that time were Lansdown, Ashton and Sexstone - a catastrophic combination of ego and incompetence. With no meaningful recruitment structure in place, no-one with any football knowledge or expertise on the board, or even in the building, just penpushers and bullshitters, what chance did McInnes have? Sadly, precious little.
  5. Its because next season starts earlier than ever - winter World Cup
  6. If that is the case, I don't understand why we've offered the bloke brought in as short term cover for Baker a new contract or why we're rumoured to have spoken to another tall, experienced ball-winning centre-half.
  7. I think the fact we've made Klose an offer and put feelers out to Curtis Davies, tells you what's going on with Baker. It's just a matter of time.
  8. Why would you want the gAss moving to Ashton Vale?
  9. Don't be counting those chickens just yet! Many a slip betwixt cup and lip, though if we do manage to offload both I'll be raising a glass to celebrate for sure.
  10. £5 million??? I hope you're right but, according to Pearson, we haven't had a bid of £1 for him yet, never mind 5 million times that amount. For a player that played brilliantly at Preston and also.... er, well that might just be it.... I'd venture that £5 million is wildly optimistic. But, like I say, I hope youre right.
  11. "The Chairman is brilliant and the CEO is brilliant. They trust me with everything." You left out "because" Steve, didn't you? Come on, you can tell us. "Unlike the last lot" is what you mean. "Now, I probably love him, if you know what I mean" "If you know what I mean" Don't panic mate, we're not getting the wrong end of the wotsit about you and Wilbs!
  12. Graham C might be the poster formerly known as Colin Moulding. He's certainly an XTC nut.
  13. Yes, absolutely. The outcome of discussions is still up for grabs and could be not what we're looking for - hence my fingers crossed. At least we appear to have been up front and transparent about our figures, started a dialogue early. Hopefully this earns us some brownie points instead of minus points!
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