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  1. I've no idea why the title of this thread has an exclamation mark at the end of it.
  2. Perhaps the lad knew he was going to be 3rd choice and have very little chance of game time, so asked to leave because he wanted to start playing regularly and kick start his career?
  3. Obvious? How have you worked that out? It might just as easily be Pearson does like him but has made a pragmatic decision that we don't need 3 Left backs. Not sure Cotts is any more a fan of loans than Pearson. Good luck to the lad.
  4. In the playoffs he got the run around apparently and didn't handle Yates especially well. My gut feeling is there's a definite disparity, at present, between his ability and Baker's - too much of a one for Atkinson to be first choice LCB. Just a guess, but I'm expecting Baker's quality to be superior although fully expect Atkinson to get his chance soon enough. Then again, I might be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Kalas for Atkinson, on the assumption Pearson has got Baker and Kalas in a room and banged their heads together. But who knows? Williams for King, on the assumption Williams can manage 60 minutes before King or Nagy replace him. But who knows? Wells for Palmer but that would mean playing 4-4-2 and who knows how we'll line up? If it's 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 it'll be more than 3 changes. A lot of known unknowns in all that, so it's a complete guess.
  6. I'm guessing 3 changes to yesterday's team at Plymouth - Atkinson, King and Palmer dropping to the bench. but we'll have a much better idea after the Villa game.
  7. I'd bite your hand off for mid-table. But for context, I am a fully signed up glass half empty merchant. Do you think we'll score enough goals? And one for the geeks, what's going to happen to our xG this season? (It can't be worse than last season, surely?)
  8. "The people who really matter". Top quote. Top man (as if it wasn't obvious already).
  9. Needs to look after the ball better for me, lots of passes conceding possession. As a caveat, I understand he's trying to be positive and pass forwards nearly every time he has the ball. Sometimes, though, sideways or back really is the best option.
  10. Decent work out. Williams takes another step forward. I look forward to Pearson sharing his in-depth analysis of the match with Greg McGregory.
  11. This season is all about the senior players staying fit and available. Because if they don't, we're done for. Kalas has a history of injuries. Ditto Baker. Ditto James. Dasilva has never played a full season. Weimann and Martin returning from long term injuries. Simpson and King haven't been a first choice pick for anyone since who knows when. Williams hasn't played for... how long??? Even if we have a regulation number of injuries, to a regulation number of players, who are sidelined for a regulation period of time, if it happens to any of this lot - one or two in particular - we'll be struggling.
  12. Isn't that what happened last year, pretty much? So why not this year?
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