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  1. We're talking about what their team, as opposed to our team, has achieved on the field of play!! A point perfectly obvious, I would have thought from my previous post. Enjoy the rest of your angry evening.
  2. In case it's escaped your attention, the trajectory of our club over the last year has been one massive downward spiral. A downward spiral like no other club in the entire Football League. No-one needs to know the inner workings of Millwall, Luton and Swansea to see that they are not on a similar downward spiral, nothing like it in fact. If you can't work that out, you need help. Derby? Derby are better than us, a fact that strengthens my argument not weakens it. Derby have earned 17 points this season and only sit bottom thanks to a points deduction that has nothing to do with how their team is actually performing. If you can't work that out you're beyond help. Seriously, losing badly at West Brom isn't the day to be throwing your toys out of the pram. Lose badly at home to Barnsley on the other hand and I might just join you.
  3. You're not comparing like for like. Why are you comparing us to Millwall, Luton and Swansea? None of those clubs are in free fall like us. I'll repeat, we should be in the Third Division. The addition of 1 one championship standard player plus 2 from the lower leagues who are still learning the ropes has improved us but not by much.
  4. Well if that's really what you want, what have you been watching? Because we've given everyone a game, bar Bournemouth and WBA. We've been competitive in every game, bar Bournemouth and WBA. Both those teams were in the Premier League last season and everyone's perfectly aware of the gulf these days between that division and this one. Meanwhile, on form we're lucky not to be a Third Division team by now and the manager has been given precious little resources to change that around. So what do we realistically expect, either today or in the short term? It was always going to be a horrible struggle this season, never mind today against a superior opponent at a ground we do badly at.
  5. That bench tells you exactly where we are right now.
  6. Can the player trigger it if he plays a certain number of games? Can't remember if I read that somewhere or just imagined it. I like him but we desperately need to freshen up the strikers.
  7. Money's easy to spend when it's not yours. If Ashton was paying those wages himself, something tells me he wouldn’t have been quite so generous.
  8. Have they not noticed the bus lanes are already there?! With no room to build more along most of that route, I can't think what they intend to spend the money on - a very expensive re-tarmacing job?? It's a route that desperately needs less traffic on it not more and, like you say, an alternative is staring them in the face - better trains. Numpties.
  9. Yes indeed, if they knew how to spell or construct a sentence, I would have more patient (sic) with them. Presumably sub editors are a thing of the past too
  10. One Jack Grealish, there's only one Jack Grealish
  11. Indeed but the Post couldn't even be bothered writing their own article around Gould's comments, instead just saying "the Mail says this, the Mail says that". Lazy, useless waste of space - such is the state of provincial journalism these days. A sorry state of affairs.
  12. Agreed. For all his faults, old Red Trousers is the only Council leader I can remember who spent his time in office promoting Bristol to the outside world. He stood as an Independent. Which says it all - historically, Labour and Tories have spent their time looking inwards, absorbed by small time party politics, achieving bugger all. None more so than the current incumbent, who talks the talk, then talks some more, and some more again, but has never got anything of note - i.e. that benefits all Bristolians - actually done. Nice suits, no substance. (And that's from someone predisposed to vote for him!)
  13. We all have our crosses to bear. Ours is the City!
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