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  1. Yes, the Kalas comments were in the same interview I'm thinking of, now you mention it. It was also a classic example of what makes me despair about our local journalism. As soon as Pearson used the word "thug" I thought - blimey! It just leapt out at you. It begged a follow up - "That's an interesting word to use, Nige. Can you expand on what you mean by thug?" But the dull journo didn't react at all, of course, just pressed on with the next pre-prepared, obvious question. It's difficult to make those interviews interesting, they mostly follow a predictable pattern, so missing - being oblivious to - the chance to ask something other than "Is Joe Williams fit this week" etc is plain dumb. Talk about missing an open goal.
  2. Interesting, didn't know that. Fair play to him. The fact he also had the nuts to accept (ask for?) reduced terms on a new contract because he wanted to stick around and prove himself, you have to wonder.... .... is he too clever to be a footballer? Certainly a Centre Half - they're a special breed
  3. Not long ago, Pearson used an interesting word when talking about the Academy and specifically defenders. He said, whilst the Academy was producing some good players, he'd like to see a few "thugs" coming through. Thugs! Now I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that literally but rather as an indication of the sort of mentality, personality, character he'd like to see in the team, particularly our defenders. Moore is the polar opposite of that. I've always said, he's the sort of nice, polite lad you hope your daughter brings home. He's son-in-law material. That's not what Pearson's looking for mentality wise - even before you consider a player's technical ability, what have they got between their ears? This may also be why Cundy is getting a chance to prove his worth - Pearson likes his character, so he's giving the lad a chance to play some games and prove his worth.
  4. Pearson said last year that he prefers to go abroad for pre-season if possible, so this seems likely now that covid restrictions are being removed. PS. It was Botswana not Gambia.
  5. And Pearson can't work with no money??? His entire career proves otherwise - as he has repeatedly said whilst here. Presumably you've not been paying attention. Never mind the fact that, with no money, he's developed untried players into assets worth circa 30-50 million quid this season - and at the same time kept us in the Championship! For your information, no City manager's ever achieved that before. But wait, there's more. How about putting a fit for purpose medical team in place? Or maybe you thought Andy Rolls was doing a great job anyway. And all the while talking to us like adults, giving it to us straight and, most importantly, with no personal agenda - just wanting what's best for our football club rather than for himself and his position. Not good enough for you? Get a grip. Yes, some of our football's been rubbish. But then, it was under other City managers too, at first. But, given time, they proved a great success - Alan Dicks for starters. So maybe give Pearson some time too, eh? Maybe you're not familiar with the particulars of Alan Dicks' success. Maybe you're an impatient Generation Zer who wants everything now, now, now. Or maybe, you just love chattin shit. Because there's no lack of belief where it matters. But if there is where you're sat - after just 1 season of disappointment - I'd humbly suggest Bristol City isn't the club for you or any other snowflakes either. Times hard. The road will be bumpy. Buckle up.
  6. Today showed what you can achieve without paying anyone 20K a week. That's certainly something worth building on.
  7. Your memory might be better than mine!
  8. Pearson said on Wednesday that Williams won't play both games. He said, basically, Williams can only manage Sat to Sat games at the moment.
  9. Yep and well before their cup run in 97. Would have been a great signing. But the Board wouldn't give Joe the money (£700K??).
  10. And "Sexy" Sexstone - a mixed bag then!
  11. Typical from someone born in Somerset - bloody Wurzel nonsense! Some of us are urbane, urban, metropolitan sophisticates, dontchaknow.
  12. Oh I get it, you've been able to read and respond to all the negative posts but somehow missed the ones from the people who, with the patience of Job, have explained in detail why you're talking nonsense. You'll read those later? Once you've come up with some more nonsensical argument to the contrary. Like I've already said, you'd be well off learning how to distinguish between the "likely to be true" and "likely to be bollocks" stuff you find on the internet (funny how you didn't respond to that). If you don't, modern life's going to get a bit much for you.
  13. You really want to judge how good or otherwise he is by using statistics? Without taking any context into account - the teams we've been playing, the level we're playing at, the state of the club when he took over, the fact he's been here 5 minutes as opposed to those other managers you're comparing him to? Idiot. On the ignore step you go. Yes performances have been poor. Agreed, we probably should be doing a bit better. How much better? Play off better? Of course not, so on the ignore step you go. The rest of your rambling post isn't even anything to do with Pearson, so... like I said. Idiot.
  14. Yes he did. And as someone who's prepared to support Pearson for a good while longer yet, ie. the coming summer transfer window at the very least, I agree it was rude. Just as some of his other replies to media questions have been. But, seriously, who gives a funk? Seriously. "Oooh I can't stand him cos 'es so rude". Get a funking grip.
  15. Interesting. Thanks for posting. But does he mean "I intend to fulfill my 3 year contract but I'm not sure the club will have reached the Prem by then"? Or "It's a 3 year plan but I accept I may not last that long"? As always, you can read into it what you want - confirmation bias at It's finest. Lots of "we" in there today, though. Good to see.
  16. Yep. Just some people can tell the difference between the "likely to be true" and the "likely to be bollocks" stuff. You should try it, some time.
  17. To which Twentyman should have replied - "It might be useful in a team where no-one else is showing much leadership though, Daniel"
  18. We can't afford him. It's that simple.
  19. Does someone really have to explain, yet again, the constraints under which last summer's transfer business was done and the fact that this summer might just be the manager's first real opportunity to re-shape the squad - even that coming with the caveat that the necessary changes are all dependant on players leaving first?????? Do they? Do they really need to explain all that, yet again?????????? You can lead a horse with no name to water but you can't make it drink.
  20. He needs to find his new Wes Morgan. Unlikely that's from within the club, on current evidence.
  21. Always, imo. After finishing 8th in the top flight First Division and reaching the FA Cup Final in the same season, it took just 2 years to get relegated. It takes a special kind of incompetence to be doing that well and then go backwards so rapidly. Talk about taking your eye off the ball. 10 years later, we were 8th in the Second Division and unlucky to lose an FA Cup semi-final. 2 years later - relegated, finishing plumb last. Wait! Next season promoted - as Div 3 Champions. Hang on - immediately relegated again, plumb last. 3 years later - promoted again as Champions. The Roaring Twenties they called it - when City were barking mad. Not much has changed in the meantime, imo. I agree with Silvio's comment - "I think the reason we’re viewed as a “strange club” is that inherently there is a heck of a lot of potential which just doesn’t seem to be realised". I think this is why Pearson took the job - he sees it as an interesting project with unique, rewarding potential for the person who gets it right. Question is, has he begun to wonder if he's bitten off more than he can chew?
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