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  1. Don't want yo be that guy but the atmosphere at Ashton Gate died with the east end. 

    It's a very sad place to watch football and 9/10 of our fans are absolutely useless and a waste of a seat. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    I don’t disagree, but I’m just talking about today. Naismith had a poorer game than Zak, but barely a whisper.

    Barely a whisper! Naismirh had an absolute stinker, I even had a song lined up for him. That's in the bin.

  3. Just now, Davefevs said:

    He slightly retracted that a bit later in the interview when he said “he’ll need to sit down and give it some thought” or something like that.

    I would imagine he’d have liked to have gone ballistic - but not the thing to do on radio!

    Fair I appelreciate he doesn't want to air the dirty laundry in public but ficking hell nige? Give us a crumb of confidence you know what you're doing 

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  4. 52 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Shocking goals conceded today, plus a few hairy defensive moments too made for a viewing today with hands over eyes at time.

    But how do you legislate for Naismith’s error inside 4 minutes?

    How the hell (polite word) does Vyner let Simms cut back inside for their equaliser?

    Then too much time for Pritchard to cross and then Naismith gets underneath the ball for Stewart to beat him in the air for their winner.

    First half there were some lovely passages of play, second half we were second best for the first half hour, despite the hope given from going 2-1 up. We looked a bit one-paced, a bit leggy. We looked soft at times.

    Perhaps we missed Matty James, Williams had a very up and down game.

    We need to find a way of finishing stronger.  Perhaps players with a bit of physicality like Kalas (when he’s fit) and Pring might give us something a bit different.

    Coventry (a) on Wednesday will be an interesting team selection.


    Pearson said on radio Bristol that he ain't changing the team which gives me the shits. He genuinely sounded clueless, borderline uninterested. 

    41 minutes ago, Ivorguy said:

     Maybe the question is will NP be given the resources to make that improvement.


    Question is, do we want NP to be given the resources?

  5. 2 minutes ago, And Its Smith said:

    I’m not debating what they contribute. I just think judging them on goals and thinking that’s the only way they can contribute is wrong 

    Marvin Elliot with a 50p head got a few goals, Steven Pearson the most useless Scottish footballer bar Richard Foster still bagged a few. Why is it so hard to find a box to box midfielder with a finish? I think johnson mugging off Sammy Smozich of however you say his name was a big mistake.

    Anyway I think our midfield is shit. 

  6. Just now, And Its Smith said:

    Not really sure of the relevance. Our problem is conceding goals. We score enough 

    The relevance is we have midfield players that have a proven track record of not contributing anything to winning games.

    Just now, RudiRed said:

    Up and down, aggressive, breaks up play but can pick a pass, haven't seen it last 2 games.

    Rubbish. He's a poor CM and we need to realise this.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Bouncearoundtheground said:

    I think this is the most buzzing I’ve been for a City game post-Covid? 

    Same. Been guilty of being super negative over the last few seasons but completely buzzing for tomorrow. Flag day, sun, cider what else you going do on a Saturday? Ha ha 

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  8. Can we get some recognition that S82 are a small pocket of supporters and not the entire corner of the south stand (or singing section if we must use that awful term).

    They are no more responsible for the bottles and pitch encroachment than any other person in the stadium. 

    The only people that are accountable for that behaviour are the people themselves.

    Their displays are great and as the club uses the imagery from that part of the ground in almost all of their marketing output I'd like to think they might make a modest contribution to the fund. 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, pillred said:

    Bemmy cc and next door was £10 but for Elton John the greedy Ba***rds had put it up to £15 so expect the worse for this season as they will blame Brexit, the Ukraine war the energy crisis etc for having to increase the price.

    Thanks mate getting park on my drive quotes at c£5 so think that's the way forward 

    Sainos is 6 quid in advance as well so sorted. 

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  10. No longer live in South Bristol (weep) so now drive to football. 

    How much is Bemmy Cricket Club to park in on a match day?

    And are there any other cost effective parking solutions nearby. TIA X

  11. 2 minutes ago, Numero Uno said:

    No I was talking generally about comparison of mens and women’s football that you often see. It’s not the same game so anyone who compares will only be disappointed.

    Totally agree about a good game being a good game whatever the standard or whoever is playing it.

    Sorry mate didn't mean to be defensive, it's hard talking about women's football in a positive light as I often you get jumped on by trolls and bots. 


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  12. Just now, Numero Uno said:

    You can’t compare mens and women’s football, it’s two totally different games in terms of strength and speed so no point doing it. But technical ability and tactical ability can be judged and they do play some nice stuff. Will be interested to see how they fare against a similar standard side.

    I didn't compare but I don't think you were suggesting I was (sorry hard judge tone in text format)

    My opinion for what is worth (little) if you're a fan of football you will enjoy watching it regardless of the standard, premier league to Sunday league.

    If you only watch the best of the best play then I would suggest to posters criticising lesser standard of football, not follow Bristol City football club. 

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