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  1. On the day of OTIBs 25th Anniversary (congratulations) there is another Anniversary on the same day and that is 6 years since we sacked Steve Cotterill. I had a Facebook memory and I went on something of a rant about it. I was pretty upset about the decision. I am well aware this debate has been done to ad nauseam (insert Alan Partidge Latin joke) but thinking about it today I cannot see how we have progressed since that day. Worse team, no money, poor football, bottom end of the division. IMO the platform given from that great team was completely wasted. I'm not saying he was the one, but I look back at that time as a supporter with immense fondness that has not been replicated (bar Man U/Man C) since. Thanks Steve
  2. That's bollocks he quoted me under my last username on more than one occasion
  3. The Post love this place its where they get all their leads, stories, quotes without having to do any actual work.
  4. Feel like there's some weird bitterness going on here by the OP. Both Nketia and Bamford are way above our standard and if those kind of players are "average" that says more about us than them.
  5. Anyone thinking Nketia wouldn't be a massive for us is mental. Unfortunately way too good for us.
  6. @cidercity1987 4 years bro since we went to the etihad. In that time we've both had sons. Imagine if we'd won they'd have been called Bobby or Aden :laugh:
  7. Feel sorry for the fans? **** that Swindon til I die must be the most tragic football chant of all time
  8. If you go (which I will wager you don't) to football for the "artistry" then you're following the wrong club. If you were there today and been part of the limbs in the EE when Andi smashed the winner, that's football my friend. ******* ecstacy not X's and O's.
  9. Just heard him speak for the first time on radio bris. Not what I expected, mad accent.
  10. Andi coming in clutch like a lad who's brung a gram to the after party. Absolute scenes.
  11. I am excusing it. I like it Something about millionaires getting pelted with litter has a real roman collesum feel it to it. Very entertaining.
  12. Spot on. Easy place to play is AG. Fans and players know they can do what they want here. I lived in South London for a few years near the Den and even the most mild disrespect was acted upon. I know this first hand running for my life down depford high street!
  13. The last 10 minutes of football have been absolute peak bristol city
  14. Shame the bottle didn't rattle his empty head. Why's no city player gone up to him either? This is our house, players shouldn't feel they can come here and take the piss.
  15. Not watched City on tele much so can anyone tell me is the camera work/position always this bad?
  16. Ashton Gate is the least hostile ground in the league. I'm genuinely amazed there was aggro as most of the ground sit on their ass in silence all game. Teams love playing here.
  17. Can't believe you're mugging me off whilst we're playing warzone you absolute snake
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