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  1. 49 minutes ago, GrahamC said:

    Tipping us to go down (with Reading & Birmingham) on Sky this morning.

    Thank **** for that, as there can’t be a pundit who knows less than him, he said Rotherham would survive (ok then) but then had to be prompted because he clearly didn’t know their manager’s name.

    Absolute *******.

    Saw some of his section this morning, it's the usual "Team X is too good to be in that league, Blah blah blah"

    He's just a shit Jack Grealish anyway

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  2. 18 minutes ago, exAtyeoMax said:

    His voice was fabulous, the show was brilliant. Plus he’s doing another on Sunday!

    Thought it odd he's coming back Sunday, isn't he in London on Saturday? 

    Would have thought tomorrow night would have made more logistical sense? 

  3. The worry of course, after hearing about how the men's team all under performed due to burnout how much will we get out of Scott before he's overplayed into next season? 

    Or will he treat the World Cup break as his off season? 

  4. 33 minutes ago, Northern Red said:

    I know it used to be the case that sites had to be licensed to be able to publish the fixture list in full, not sure if that still applies?

    Remember being on forums (can't recall if OTIB was one of them?) where there'd be a warning from the site admin for people not to post lists of fixtures because they didn't have permission.

    No longer the case

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  5. Interesting post over there:

    Just reading what happened with Rangers.  "If a player wishes to object to being transferred to the new owner his contract of employment would immediately come to an end leaving him with no contract, no dismissal and no right to compensation from either old club or new club

    "Both the club and the player are then free from their contractual obligations."

  6. 5 hours ago, Never to the dark side said:

    I would have thought by now,there are a "chosen few and "trusted" persons who would know the EFL fixtures that will be announced at 09:00am on Thursday

    I think the media get the opening days fixtures some time today(Wednesday) so that they can conduct the interviews and then they can play the interviews at 09:00am on Thursday.

    So two things

    1) Who would you like on the first day,it should be away as we will be away two weeks later


    SECOND CHOICE NORWICH MIDDLESBROUGH OR HULL,just hope none of the four teams mentioned will NOT be played on a mid week date

    2) Would YOU actually know the fixture lists?

    answers BEFORE 08:00am on Thursday morning

    I used to work for the company that compiles the fixtures, for a couple of seasons they would give us the opening day fixtures

    But changed employer since, so in the dark

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