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  1. It’s a joke with someone I know and used to play football with mate, calm down I used to play at Pro 5 in the full kit of this bad boy so I am one myself
  2. Full kit manual manipulator!
  3. Southgate the LJ of international management. So concerned with not conceding that it stifles our best actual strength which is our attacking players. Though I suppose at least unlike LJ, Southgate does get the clean sheet! Grealish coming on was the obvious call but Foden was the only one that looked like doing anything at all in the first half, and the decision to not have Grealish play centrally was madness. The tempo and urgency was pathetic. Could see from minute one they wanted everything more.
  4. Had a Wicked Game.
  5. It’s hard to imagine a more monotonous commentary pair than these two in all honesty.
  6. It’s Robyn Cowen, who I find incredibly grating, not Vicki Sparks. Normally BBC coverage is orders of magnitude better than ITV but the commentary line up of late is horrendous.
  7. How many grams you after, lad?
  8. Executive summary. 2 years in. Still shit. Another JL vanity project done with all the professionalism of a 7 year old.
  9. As opposed to our current impenetrable army of defenders
  10. Well doesn’t that just sum up how ******* abysmal this season has been.
  11. Things you won’t hear in 2021?
  12. Win today and they’re in the playoffs (not technically, but 99.9% certainty if they win today) Fair play to them. Would love to see another unfashionable, ‘small’ club surpass us (again) and give our owners the kick up the arse they so sorely need, will be rooting for them 100% in the playoffs against the big boys (a laughable term to apply to Bournemouth, Swansea and Brentford but it is what it is!)
  13. I was having second thoughts about my (difficult) decision to walk away from football with a heavy heart and not renew my ST. Today made me feel like it was good timing.
  14. Just when you think things are at their wurst.
  15. Tell me I’m wrong. Buy cheap, buy twice…
  16. What a waste of another season. Imagine if we’d have actually appointed a proper manager in the summer with the division this poor.
  17. Always had a lot of respect for him as a player, seemed a model pro to me. Good luck to him.
  18. I recall Colin saying he was punched after the playoff semi final win as he made his way off the pitch, don’t remember anything about Jordan though.
  19. Agree, used to really grate on me in the City vs Palace years....but as I get older I find his views more in line with my own! I also like listening to Glenn Hoddle which is more worrying.
  20. I’m guessing he may be expected to work with the current coaches until the end of the season and then will be offered a permanent deal if it’s in everyone’s interests, and given free reign to bring his own team in? Here’s hoping because on the evidence of what we’ve seen on the pitch our coaching is horrendous.
  21. Anyone who is, ahem, ‘overseas’ not able to get the video stream going? Just get nothing on the app and ‘unauthorised country’ if I try on the website, no matter which country I am, ahem, residing in.
  22. Is it just me or is VPN Airways experiencing turbulence?
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