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  1. Um, what about setting up the team to take a 2-0 goal lead. Does that not count?
  2. You don't need to understand English to steward the sags, just primordial grunts and beatings of the chest.
  3. Johnson gets no credit for the 3-0 lead, but the blame for the 3-3 draw. It's a funny old game Saint.
  4. If we were chasing a playoff place we'd be congratulating ourselves for winning ugly. It would seem that winning ugly is not a good thing in a relegation scrap.
  5. Do they really believe that an owner who hasn't spent a bean on transfers in the year he's owned the club is suddenly going to spring for £1.5 million per year to run a level 2 academy, not to mention the costs (2-3million) of building it in the first place?
  6. Someone on "having a slag" on RB making veiled threats about Taylor's safety, how his life is going to be affected and that the abuse he's going to get will be 20 times worse than Phillips got. Family club my arse. Just a nasty, twisted bunch of losers.
  7. Supporting the sags and living in Dundee, FFS, life doesn't get more shite than that.
  8. I here you're rushing through a latest minute deal to bring in a striker from Dover, poor sole.
  9. Those three new players: Vladimir, Estragon and Godot, if he every bl00dy turns up.
  10. Well, well,well, look what's crawled out from under a stone. You're a Barrow of laughs aren't you.
  11. Hopefully we can hang on at 1-0 until HT and hope Huddersfield fade in the 2nd half. i
  12. Because it's great fun having a laugh at the sags. Losing their league status, getting knocked out of the cup in successive years by Chesham and Barrow, coming out with belters like "championship ready" and "off the field comparable to Brighton", what's not to like. In addition the UWE fiasco and the lack of investment in the team are all about to come to a head. I for one am rubbing my hands in anticipation at the pantomime that is about to unfold. Of course events at AG take priority, but as a sideshow it's hard to beat the entertainment provided by the gas soap opera.
  13. This is how it all ends in tears. It's obvious daddy wally has not intention of allowing his gullible boy to waste the family's fortune on the pikeys. Dopey will either walk or make such a Brad Pitt of himself he'll be pushed.
  14. After postponement of game at Stourbridge their game against Barrow now is commentary on 5 live. Two arising points from this. 1. Love they're 2nd choice after mighty Stourbridge. 2. Surprised BBC hasn't warned its listeners to wear earplugs to protect from the noise made by the masses hordes of the best supporters in the world.
  15. After all the ridiculous panicking of the last few weeks, at least the drama queens who frequent this site can have a night off.
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