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  1. Any news on costs. If Judge Judy has ordered that the sags pay Sainsburys costs it really will be Goidnight Irene.
  2. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but the fact that the gas dominated Evil has been pumping out stories about how attractive an investment the sags are, makes me suspect the club has had a sight of the findings of Judge Prowedman and the news isn't good. Softening them up for the bad news I think it's called.
  3. On a footballing note, I use the term loosely, I see one of the star players, 34 year old "Bob" Monkhouse, has shot his bolt and has turned the offer of new contract. He's apparently got a better offer from a bigger club. I think it's Hartlepool, but not bring an expert in Basement football, I may be mistaken.
  4. As a point of fact, both Bristol City and Bristol Eastville Rovers turned professional in 1897, the year both clubs joined the Southern League. The claim that the are the oldest professional club in Bristol is another lie.
  5. Dopey's targeting back to back promotions. Meanwhile the Evil has 9 separate 15ers headlines on its webpage.
  6. Which City great's brief spell as manager included a 2-1 win at Gresty Road in 96/97?
  7. We're Bristol City, we're top of the league We're top of the league We're top of the league We're Bristol City, we're top of the league
  8. As always, an early goal will lead to a comfortable win. The longer it goes without scoring, the more tense it will get. The last time we went up, we scored the winner there in injury time, when the ball bounced off of Showumni's shin and dribbled over the line.
  9. Let's get thro to HT then Cotts can do his stuff. Come on my babbies, hang on in there
  10. Time to dig, keep it tight, frustrate Swindon and try to nick at the end. Remember Hull away in the play off season, we got absolutely battered after McAllister got sent off, survived and should have won it in injury time if the ref had awarded a stonewall pen
  11. Gas down to 10 hoofers. How many red cards is that for the "family club" this season.
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