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  1. As an aside my mate went to Sheffield Uni 97-00 so I went up and visited, and we went to a couple of Wednesday games, I removed one was against Arsenal in the year they won double with Wenger, SW won 2-1, and also I removed game v Man Utd in the treble year, SW won 3-1 I think, amazing atmosphere
  2. My nephews first game was home to SW in the FA Cup a few years back, it was freezing, awful game, we lost 3-0, so we told him to count the crowd to keep his spirits up!
  3. The thing is in the 70’s there were no games on Tv in the pub to watch or anything like that, so if you wanted to watch football and your team was not playing then it was the logical thing to do, from speaking to my Dad about it He was always a City fan but also a fan of football
  4. My Dad did that and actually met my mum at a Rovers match when City’s away game was called off him and his mates went to watch Rovers, would have been early/mid 70’s as I’m 41
  5. Hearing about this ‘R’ number thing with Covid, I’m sure Rovers have used a very similar calculation to work out their attendances, for example, if R is 3, then they multiply the actual attendance by 3
  6. My mate is Frome manager, they won 3-0 and this was his first FA Cup win as manager!
  7. I didn’t read his comments as negative about the club, sounded very much that he was telling a funny story more than anything, nothing to see for me
  8. Agreed interesting reading the first few pages, a lot of people calling things exactly in line with what happened. Fair play to And It’s Smith, they keep going with the ‘it’s not serious’ line for about 3 weeks and dont let up, until they then start blaming the Tories for not taking it seriously!
  9. I’ve just bought my baby 6 month daughter her first kit, cost me £50 with her name and and number on the back but what the hell!
  10. I’m pretty sure the long term plan has always been to relocate the shop to the new arena complex where it will be much bigger, nobody in the right mind would have built a new stadium and decided to put such a small shop in.....would they?
  11. I’m getting tired with your posts...and fatigued, maybe even tiredly fatigued?
  12. Jeff Stelling and the others remind me a little of the old top gear guys messrs Clarkson, May and um the other one, they’ve probably been doing the same thing for a touch too long now, and whilst they have their fans which is fair enough, the longer they go on the more old hat they appear to be to anyone under the age of 40
  13. Humans are locusts, spreading across the globe, increasing in numbers, destroying everything in their path!
  14. They look great, brighter the better! FYI I wouldn’t wear one in public but they look cool if you were playing!
  15. Because it’s made by Hummel, they have never made a shirt without them!
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