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  1. Unfortunately if they lump it in and say it’s £27 someone else will start a thread saying “why are there hidden charges, they should be transparent” etc etc
  2. Serious question, are you on the wind up? You suggest that if Germany had turned up to the game then they would have won it by half time? Really? Are we talking about the same Germany who lost to France and drew with Hungary, conceding goals along the way, and certainly not the force they were? I saw no evidence prior to this game that England had much to worry about from Germany, especially as our defence has been very good in every game, and I was genuinely confident. we won the game playing defensively, so Southgate got his tactics 100% correct if his objective was to keep it tight and win the game. If his objective was to win 5 - 4 playing Keegan football then I could agree, but with this England team it was never an option IMO. Apart from the Sterling dodgy pass, from which Germany nearly and should have scored, I really can’t see how this was a poor and inept performance by England. We created chances, kept it tight, scored two goals. Yes Scotland game wasn’t great, but Scotland played well I thought. I do agree that Kane has not been at the races, but his goal keeps him in the team I think. With confidence up I can see the same starting 11 playing even better on Saturday.
  3. I can’t remember, was cheering so much!
  4. Amazing 2nd goal, what a 5 mins of football! Reminds me of the Palace game 2nd leg when Palace had the pen, Basso saved, then we scored!
  5. I think when the team who wins the penalty don’t even call for a pen then it’s not!
  6. Shambles is probably not quite the right term I’d say!
  7. Agreed, it’s a shame that those marginal offsides are now a thing of the past, every fan could accept a decision against them when it’s a very close call as you know it’s a split second decision and sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t (the old “it evens itself out” mantra), I don’t think football fans want 100% correct decisions at the expense of stopping the game for 5 mins for somebody to watch video replays! It comes back to my earlier post on the financial pressures, managers want VAR because a dodgy call by the ref could cost them their job, so they’ve pushed for it for years to get them off the hook, but it’s a double edged sword
  8. I think the fear of losing outweighs the benefits of winning these days, possibly due to the financial stakes at play which are put onto the manager and therefore players. This results in a style of play which is more sterile. The Kevin Keegan, Danny Wilson styles of gung ho attitudes are long gone I think, as managers don’t have the luxury anymore
  9. Keeper out of position defo but the guy trying a shot from 40 yards which got blocked was the start of it, very poor
  10. 1st yellow on 87 mins crazy! To be fair it’s been a good game in that respect, not much diving or anything like that, good to see
  11. I don’t know what I’m talking about! Haha Italy look very strong I think
  12. Turkey beat and drew with France in qualifiers, im picking a shock here, 2-1 Turkey!
  13. They don’t have to pay £30, no one is forced to buy anything. If can cost £30 to watch a game for 90 minutes, so a T Shirt you can get years of wear out of is pretty reasonable to me
  14. I contacted them a couple of years back as I felt there was no transparency in the lotto and they were opening themselves up a bit, so I suggested they post somewhere what the winning numbers were each week along with the winners names so you can check, and they did bring this in. I’ve only won once in years but that’s not why I’m in it. You can tell I’m an Internal Auditor!
  15. Not sure you can say Conte and ZZ have failed as managers to be fair, even Jose (Spurs aside) has won trolleys at every single club
  16. This is good and bad really, good that the debts gone but bad that yet again we are losing millions. Taking aside COVID, this happens almost every season, and that’s because of players salaries, which is a joke when you look at the performances on the pitch! Anyway modern football I guess!
  17. I remember a few seasons back the owner asked the fans to pay more to watch games so the club could pay for better players, ridiculous! I see from comment above it was away fans getting charged more! Even more ridiculous!
  18. To be fair to GJ, that bunch of League 1 quality players were in the top two of the Championship with Watford (I think?) for most of that season, and just fell short, which says they were pretty good. In the playoff final we just didn’t turn up, Hull were no better really. It’s easy to say signing different players might have resulted in promotion, but as we know from the last few years, sometimes new signings go the other way and we might have missed out completely on the playoffs. In recent years our problem has been selling all of our best players, ripping the heart and soul out of the promotion winning squad, and not adequately replacing them (Bryan, Reid, Ayling, Flint, Freeman, Pack, Smith) There were a few exceptions like Webster who came in but we sold him straight away. With that sort of short term strategy any manager basically has one season to be successful, otherwise your best players will be sold!
  19. 1989/90 season, first game v Rovers which we lost 1-0 I think
  20. Out of interest, what were their season ticket sales in the last normal season I.e. 19/20? Just wondered how this compared?
  21. Nige is getting the band back together and I don’t have a problem with that as long as they are fit and hungry for the job at hand
  22. Shame we don’t get to keep these sort of players for longer than 1-2 seasons as all could/should hit 50 goals if they do! This shows how Fam has either been out injured a fair bit, completely out of form, or a product of our bad football, that he only got to 51 in his time here
  23. I played in Goal because of my asthma (and not because I was fat!). I had the yellow and black striped keeper kit, worn by Keith Welch, which I loved! When I was older I played in Goal for RMC Wick with the Grandfather of Ryley Towler!
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