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  1. I’m pretty sure Nige will have a media persona and then one for man management, and the players will know that as well, sometimes you have to say things for the cameras
  2. I went to Kavos in 98 and 99 and even managed to get featured on Greece Uncovered dancing to The Wurzels, we hadn’t even had a drink and had just gone out when the camera crew got us up on stage in Features bar, very embarrassing! Kavos was like that bar in Star Wars! Good times but can I clarify, I never slept with Ryan Giggs wife!
  3. I didn’t call her a ‘slag’ FYI, I was commenting on somebody else who said she was. In my experience you never here of a man being called a ‘slag’ or similar for sleeping around but a woman always is. I don’t agree with this in the slightest hence my comment.
  4. It’s funny how if a woman likes to sleep around she’s a ‘slag’ but a man would most likely be considered a ‘legend’ for doing the same
  5. I spotted that, I assumed they didn’t know what sort of yo-yo club we were so hedged their bets with league 1 or 2!
  6. Agreed this site is good for looking at promotion / relegation, https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/ I think we have the points already, but we are good away from home so will get a few more points before end of season. Talk of we have to win today is rubbish
  7. Don’t apologise, it was a general point, there is no way I could know if all City fans would want Jose without asking them all and I don’t have that kind of time, so please accept my apologies if you were offended
  8. You can say that about nearly every single manager apart from the very top ones like Pep or Klopp or Fergie, even Jose ends up falling out but we’d all take him, name a proven manager we could realistically get who hasn’t ended jobs without getting sacked? Won’t be many names
  9. I’ve played in the same band (now called Levi Valentino) since 1997, and I think it’s probably a rich mans game now playing in bands, the equipments expensive, the practicing is expensive, you get next to no money from gigs (in comparison to the time you spend getting there, setting up, playing, packing up) you get no money from streaming. If you were genuinely from a poor working class background, the last thing you’d do (or be able to do) is form a band, much better going solo or doing more electronic stuff
  10. True! They have 34 points from 38 games so 0.89 ppg so 7 more points if they keep that form going, so will end with 41. I think even increasing that ppg to 1 to end on 46 points would mean 12 points from final 8 so 4 wins, never happening with the team they have, and even if it did would 46 be enough, not sure if would although some equally terrible teams down there
  11. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/league-one/ Not sure how this predictor works, but I’ll take it!
  12. My fave thing on Gaschat is if they are talking about a keeper they say ‘Goalie’, don’t know why but it amuses me greatly
  13. I played for North Bristol Colts when Dave Lawrence was the manager, I was about 11 at the time and everyone called him ‘Gay Dave’, this was early 90’s so I think it was known that he had previous, I can’t believe he was allowed to have anything to do with football. He took my mate to watch Rovers on that moped and my mate said he drove past Twerton to a field overlooking the ground and he was there on his own with him. Nothing happened to my mate but could have done, shocking
  14. The arrogance of the guy is astonishing, he seems to think he definitely would have been in there if it wasn’t for signing for Rovers, but honestly I don’t think City fans were ever that bothered about it because he wasn’t a legendary keeper for us
  15. Pleased for LJ, he works hard at his profession, even if his football here ended up dull, so good luck to him I say, hope they get promoted as well
  16. The Coronavirus thread on OTIB is quite an interesting read
  17. I was in Bordeaux airport in June 2005 when they announced who won the 2012 Olympic bid. They happened to be showing it in the terminal on TV’s, I think France had also bid, and when they announced London as the winner you could here loads of British people cheering including me, even though at that point I wasn’t that bothered either way. And forward to 2012 it was a great event, the opening ceremony was brilliant (I got wasted watching it which helped!), and people still talk about it now. You cannot put a price on these moments, especially when we already have the infrastructure to run a World Cup tomorrow (COVID aside). Hopefully FIFA being less corrupt will help our bid?
  18. My father in law died of a brain tumour within 6 months of diagnosis and another good friend also had a ten year battle with brain tumours, horrible stuff, RIP Glenn
  19. I will take him signing an extended contract ASAP, anything else is a bonus
  20. ‘Never’ implies they can see no logic at all as to why handball was given, which is ridiculous
  21. Very poor to give that away, completely unavoidable
  22. I think DH had long enough to get the players to play for him and he couldn’t do it, I don’t believe the players downed tools for months on end, maybe the last couple of games, but DH was not up to the job
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