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  1. Surprised anyone cares about the draw to be honest, even if we got a big team, nobody can go and watch anyway, our best option is getting perceived easier draws so we stay in the cup for longer with a chance that fans might be able to be allowed back in later in the season, although I’m doubtful that will happen again this season
  2. Bloody Chinese with their scribble
  3. My mate is Frome Town manager, and they drew Maidstone in the 2nd round of FA Vase, and Maidstone are classed as an ‘Elite Club’ so can play games even if in Tier 4 for COVID (which they are), Frome are not elite and had to choose to travel to Kent to play the match (against government guidelines) risking players health, or forfeit the game, the FA wouldn’t back down and they lost out of much needed money
  4. A good January window? When was the last time that happened?
  5. https://www.bristolrovers.co.uk/news/2020/december/final-mug-launch/ insert your own jokes:
  6. Yeh quite possibly, I don’t disagree that our injuries for a few seasons seem to be high, but I don’t know about other clubs, all I know is that no amount of payment will stop players getting injured, it doesn’t work like that
  7. What has money got to do with it? Such an old fashioned and incorrect attitude if you don’t mind me saying. Although results aren’t great, these are professional sportsmen, and sports science tells you that playing 3 games a week, on top of training etc means fatigue and potentially more injuries. Saying ‘just get on with it’ shows a complete lack of understanding, and no amount of payment will change the fact
  8. I was in the open end for this game (the other end though), I’ve got the programme in the loft! I remember it being very hot!
  9. The man the legend Bents may be the best but Keith Welch had the best tache by far
  10. Glad you rate the younger players so much!
  11. I disagree with using skin colour as a description, (unless it’s relevant I.e. police issuing a description as long as they do the same for all races) just because you can’t think of anything else, as this, for me, reinforces the thinking that back people are defined by skin colour and that overrides everything else. ive worked in Financial Services for 20 years, and completed many D&I training sessions, and if for example somebody said to me ‘I’ve got Dave on the phone’ and I said ‘who’s Dave?’ And they said ‘the black bloke’ then they would be potentially on a disciplinary for breach of D&I policy and rightly so.
  12. Then I will will respond, which is what usually happens on a forum, what would you expect me to do? Strange comment
  13. These are two completely different examples, with no relevance at all to each other, or the issue in hand.
  14. https://youtu.be/KHoFyOxS__Y There was an interesting doc I watched on a guy who’s parents were black but he was albino so had white skin, and suffered from racism his whole life
  15. If the white guy had suffered his whole life from being singled out as ‘the white guy’ then he probably would be offended
  16. I think the point is that if the player in question was white, the official wouldn’t have said ‘that white guy’. This is because, in my experience, white people rarely/never use skin colour as part of a description if describing other white people. It only gets brought in when describing other races.
  17. I’m not overlooking that as it’s not a fact! The style of football is subjective, and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually possible to morph into your father!
  18. FYI I ran out of time to think of any other ‘fors’ I’m not saying there aren’t any. The biggest run of losses in our history is a for fact defo
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