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  1. The only lesson we’ve learned I think is to get ourselves a very rich owner who can spunk through his own money without it impacting the club
  2. Maybe, but I’d rather that than going bust trying to stay in the Championship
  3. And I thought Ben Garner was brilliant!
  4. Personally I’d rather see a team of academy players rather than a team of players who have no attachment to the club and are there for solely the cash. Pie in the sky maybe but football has to change to survive
  5. The problem is Swindon, Northampton and Wigan are all terrible as well. They are defo in trouble though Rovers, and always were after losing JCH and not replacing him adequately. I don’t know if those other teams around them have strengthened or not but will go to the wire I think. It doesn’t matter who the manager is if the players are not good enough
  6. SL - “I’ve spent loads of my own cash building a new training ground what do you think?” OTIB - “Well it’s alright Steve but why’s it not as good as Premier League winners Leicester?” SL - “Why do I bother?”
  7. Thanks for the clarifications. As I’ve said above, if an individual footballer wants to show support for BLM then great, good for them and I would applaud that, but I personally don’t think the directive to all footballers to take a knee is the right approach. However, as I’ve also said above, if it keeps people talking about a serious issue then that can only be a good thing.
  8. I agree that racism in all its forms is not political, but BLM has been around a number of years as a political movement I believe.
  9. Fair enough, to clarify hopefully, the problem for me is that everyone has different political viewpoints, including footballers, so to instruct footballers to do something in line with a particular political viewpoint I.e. BLM when they might have a different view on it seems unfair, as if a player disagrees and doesn’t want to do it, they will no doubt be given grief. Again, I appreciate what the FA are trying to do, but for me I’m not sure players should be the vehicle for it. They are on the pitch to play football, not fight one particular cause or another. If an individual wants to take the knee or another gesture than that’s up to them, but as a collective, I’m not sure.
  10. Personally, although I admire what the FA are trying to do, I think football should probably stay out of any sort of politics. BLM is a noble cause but part of the problem they have had is that whilst the majority agree that racism is bad and we don’t want it anywhere in society, some of the actions taken in line with the BLM movement have not been well received. However if it keeps the debate going and highlights shocking acts of racism then that can only be a good thing I guess?
  11. To be fair if it doesn’t work then why do the gambling companies bother with sponsorship? The drop in cigarette advertising has helped to reduce smoking levels, so I think the same would happen with gambling so this ban is good
  12. Not a problem, if we sell to Pyramids FC, we will let him play one more game for us before he goes, just to say goodbye, we then carry him off the pitch a hero, then Pyramids FC will get wind of this and pull the plug on the deal and we get to keep him! Where have I heard that before? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/africa/7521310.stm
  13. Yeh I felt like we’d chucked the season in that game, our belief drained away in the space of a few seconds
  14. Was that when people were sat on the steps of the dolman? I remember it being total carnage, and the club were lucky nothing bad happened to be fair
  15. Funny how they never talk of how many get locked out at home games! I mean even if you took it as fact that they have amazing away support, and take 40k to Wembley etc etc surely that just highlights how incredibly poor the home support is, so why boast about it?
  16. Classic Rovers on Twitter today, I wonder how the ‘300 more were locked out’ figure was arrived at? Did they do a head count? Did they multiply the actual number by 10, then add 100, then round up to the nearest 100?
  17. You seem to be implying that footballers don’t run as much as athletes so don’t need the rest? I suggest respectfully that you read up on sports science, as all sports have different demands on the body, and have different training schedules to cope, and different rest requirements. Football in this country has caught up with the rest of Europe and other sports in this respect and takes it seriously, unlike back in the day when our very own Paul Cheesley was asked to run up and down the Dolman steps which ended his career!
  18. Surprised anyone cares about the draw to be honest, even if we got a big team, nobody can go and watch anyway, our best option is getting perceived easier draws so we stay in the cup for longer with a chance that fans might be able to be allowed back in later in the season, although I’m doubtful that will happen again this season
  19. Bloody Chinese with their scribble
  20. My mate is Frome Town manager, and they drew Maidstone in the 2nd round of FA Vase, and Maidstone are classed as an ‘Elite Club’ so can play games even if in Tier 4 for COVID (which they are), Frome are not elite and had to choose to travel to Kent to play the match (against government guidelines) risking players health, or forfeit the game, the FA wouldn’t back down and they lost out of much needed money
  21. A good January window? When was the last time that happened?
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