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  1. I’m not overlooking that as it’s not a fact! The style of football is subjective, and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually possible to morph into your father!
  2. FYI I ran out of time to think of any other ‘fors’ I’m not saying there aren’t any. The biggest run of losses in our history is a for fact defo
  3. A good way to look at the ‘LJ was a rubbish manager for City’ debate is to state facts only (for and against) to prove or disprove the statement. Must be facts not opinions. For: LJ didn’t get us promoted to the Prem. Against: 3/4 seasons we improved our league position. LJ had to sell best players every season. LJ took us to League Cup semi final beating Man Utd in the process.
  4. He gave his all for City I don’t think anyone can doubt, so I wish him all the best genuinely
  5. If you like (I will miss LJ saying this at the end of every sentence!)
  6. Have you seen the table? We’ve won 8, are 3rd and 1 point off top after playing 15 of the 23 teams we can face including 8 of the current top 11. By your own rules, if you are not content with that then you need a new hobby, seriously
  7. To be fair the Green Dragon is a Mezze type place these days, but you can still go for a drink
  8. They have that on draft in the Green Dragon in Downend FYI
  9. LJ based his management style on just one man: https://youtu.be/VuCnlgtQNk4
  10. This is a pretty funny story about Diego and Oasis
  11. I would have taken a point before the game started against one of the best teams so happy with that!
  12. Thought I’d share but I just found out that I used to play football with Ryley Towlers Grandad, John Towler. Now he was the hardest tackler I ever saw in my life, we played for RMC Wick in the B&D league and John must have broken some legs, and if the ref tried to book him he used to shout “I never f in touched him” in his very high pitched voice! Lovely guy though, hope Ryley has some of his aggression on the pitch!!
  13. I think that was 94 USA wasn’t it? He was long gone by France 98 with that Owen goal and Becks kick out, same as Gaza who played in the qualifiers for 98 but Hoddle dropped him
  14. Robbi, I’ve got The Sun on the phone, they need a knew pun writer
  15. I’m sure I remember this guy, I started going in 89, when did he stop going anyone know?
  16. Bristol will probs be in Tier 3 anyway so unfortunately won’t be applicable for our games to start with anyway
  17. Excellent! Whoever wrote that is very witty to be fair!
  18. I posted on another thread that I wonder if there is a deliberate tactical decision, based on no crowds, to just play tight and like the away team (esp as our away form for a few seasons has been superior). It might not be great to watch on Tv but it’s working well from a points perspective, and we have already played the majority of the teams around us (bar Watford and Reading which are coming up).
  19. Just been looking through the previous tables and I’m pretty sure 23 points after 12 games is our best start since returning to the Championship 6 seasons ago? Any statisticians out there able to verify?
  20. We had pretty much the same possession as Spurs v Man City today!
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