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  1. Completely agree , he needs to ditch his dad and his ego to an extent. He’s a good fighter with a lot of potential but needs a fresh approach
  2. Anybody know if you had to register before tonight to order ?
  3. Would be interesting to see if DC gets an opportunity to move on this summer. I can see him being keen to move on, no money to buy new players, no new ground and an owner whose gone very quiet lately. Also arguably sold their best two players in the past 12 months
  4. Could be a really positive day , goal difference could be vital come end of season (keep going boys )
  5. What you guys expecting tonight ? Looking forward to this , any thoughts?
  6. Love to have heard that conversation: Club secretary ’Pep, Bristol are on the phone ‘ Pep ’Hello , Lee, how are you? Good result on Saturday ‘ Dopey ‘ Hello, Pep, Darrell here ‘ Pep ‘Who?’ Dopey ‘ Darrell Clarke, manager of Bristol Rovers, (phone goes dead) looking to loan some of your players, hello, hello. You still there?
  7. He’s missed his opportunity, should have gone the season they went up to league 1
  8. We never heard the result on the FA investigation. I wonder why that was ?!
  9. That was a penalty , they’ve had their chances this second half
  10. Agree with you fella, I fear tonight could be another Villa score line . I hope I’m wrong , and the weeks rest will have benefited us.
  11. What I don’t understand, why post on a team’s forum that has no link to either the player, buying or selling club. Some people clearly have more time on their hands than they should be allowed!
  12. http://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/city-v-bristol-city-1st-leg-post-match.332454/page-60 this is a classic, moaning about us buying Matt Taylor on a Man City forum. Apparently the same agent as Johnson hence how we knew of the release fee !!
  13. It gets worse , read the comment about how we stole Taylor fro them not sure how to copy over
  14. Wolves are the best team in the division , a budget way above ours. We’re third in the league and yes we maybe throw it away, we’re a good team , battling for second.
  15. Taylor? Think he’s a clever player and makes runs to create space, pulls the defence around.
  16. Really playing well , a run of games and he’s certainly benefiting from them
  17. The money generated from tonight’s game , could enable us to bring a player in on loan which we may not previously have had the funds for , wages etc. That signing could push over the line this season. Complete tools
  18. Agree, their recent form isn’t great the pressure is building on them. Could play into our hands smash and grab from us !
  19. Enjoy it fella, our football club has come a long way both off and on the field. We’re a good team, good enough to finish top six, who knows? I’m enjoying the ride
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