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  1. He has met with NP more than once now and he spoke with him after the game when he watched Oxford a few weeks ago. I would think this one is well advanced and possibly our first summer addition
  2. Couldn’t be happier, Karma for the Luton manager and his touch line antics
  3. Picking/watching players you want beats analysis and other data. Old school scouting and talking to players 121 means NP is sussing out players he can trust and rely on to do exactly what he expects on match days whether they are good human beings or not. Play my way, do what I ask and you will succeed. If you aren’t on the bus then good bye
  4. I don’t think he’s in NP’s plans and is a source of income to bring in his players
  5. Maybe Wayne Rooney knows his stuff after all about our front 3??
  6. Didn’t bother renewing my ST at the end of last season and have been a handful of times this season. Each time I left at the end of the match I asked myself why put myself through it. It’s painful to watch and predictable. Of those 6 games I seen us win once. I take my hat off to those who continue going week in week out, they are hardcore and easily pleased perhaps I want to see progress with NP but my god we have some absolute garbage that needs moving on before I bother even contemplating going to another game
  7. He’s hardly going to come out and say we are going to spend big and get 8 players in!! no one can be happy with this season and where we are, big changes in playing staff are needed and I can’t see SL accepting the same crap next season so he has to make some funds available otherwise NP is p****ing in the wind and that doesn’t mean selling the Crown Jewels again and ending up with journeymen
  8. Just wish we could string a few passes together and get players into the game as it’s all Barnsley
  9. Surely we have players in the U23 squad that play at RB most games, would it not make more sense to play them at RB in the first team rather than exposing SB in a position that is probably alien to him?
  10. Exactly my point really, if he hasn’t got pretty much what he thinks he needs to make us a half decent side then he may get disillusioned
  11. I just wonder if NP doesn’t get who he needs in to this squad in the summer that he may just shake hands with ST and walk I dare say he’s getting as fed up as we are now
  12. Complete ban on all sports for Russia and totally isolate them. Putin may not be bothered but the Russian people will and hopefully take to the streets and put pressure on to force a regime change
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