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  1. oh dear flinty, Smith megging your old mate
  2. Exactly my sentiment, look how Brentford went after Chelsea and gave them a tough game. I would have been telling the city players to go out there and make sure you clatter their wide players early and rough them up. Don’t give them time in midfield to look up for a pass and turn their CBs as much as possible and make them play facing their goal - there was none of that and that’s what disappointed me If we had done those things and put a shift in and still lost then fair enough but we didn’t and we got embarrassed
  3. I think you are spot on, they have been given opportunities and not taken them. If NP wants to build progressively then the four you have listed won’t be here next season which frees up space for players he thinks will do a job for him
  4. I’m not sure it was his hamstring, he wouldn’t have been able to try running down the line if it was, I would say it was more a glute muscle pull but I suppose we will need to see what the scan finds
  5. My exact same opinion today of what was lacking, not one player was prepared to get stuck in to them Yes, they have very good players but I bet if a few of ours started to go in hard in a few tackles and a few dark arts then they would be a little more hesitant in thinking they had time on the ball watching the first half of Brentford v Chelsea and Brentford have got stuck right into Chelsea and physically challenged them, that’s what I expect to see our players do otherwise you will just get picked off time & again
  6. Playing both with James is a must I would think. Whether he does that tomorrow is another matter but if NP wants high energy pressure on teams then HNM & JW are a must
  7. Showing my age now but 0-1 win at Elland road in the FA cup which I think was 1974 and an afternoon kick off in the week because of the power cuts at the time. I was 8 and sat in the main stand with my dad amongst the Leeds fans. Let’s just say they weren’t happy! Other more recent games, beating the gas 2-1 at Eastville, 94 Liverpool was an amazing night and lost my voice for 3 days after. The first Wembley final in the LDV was a favourite just because it was my first ever visit and seeing so many city fans
  8. Well if you are a Newcastle academy player, coach or part of their development dept then you may as well pack your bags and look elsewhere as I can’t see a pathway for players at this club for the foreseeable future
  9. How he can put Wael in the same category as SL as an owner is hilarious.
  10. INCRED


    If you read the article in its entirety and put aside pre conceived opinions of the CSF it’s a well balanced interview which puts A&S police in a poor light and the source of some of the misinformed reported right wing slurs made against those that were protecting the cenotaph
  11. I’m sorry but Scotty was nowhere near the ability that Jacki had. Yes he scored more goals but Jacki was one of those rare Mavericks that had you on the edge of your seat every time he got the ball. A fantastic talent that was sadly blighted by drink issues but those of us who have watched football for 40+ years appreciate these rare talents when they come along
  12. What was obvious to many after the first 3-4 games this season was that we desperately needed a RB and in all honesty throughout the summer. Simpson whilst experienced is not going to do the job that we require in this position and Vyner has been tried numerous times at RB and obviously is nowhere near the quality required Getting Tanner in was either opportunistic or someone we have had eyes on for a while and took a punt that he could step up to this standard. So far he hasn’t let anyone down and he appears to be unphased by the step up. Hopefully we have unearthed a good player who can cement the RB position for years to come Looking across the squad there is a nice blend of youth & experience but the most pleasing thing about this squad is no matter who plays they are playing for each other which can’t be said for those who performed so poorly last season NP has created a close knit squad and we can now see that battling 100% effort that us supporters yearn for is all there on display When we field a midfield of James, Williams and Massengo who in my opinion will allow us to press teams higher and more often with Tanner RB and either JD or CP at LB, the future looks bright
  13. Them arguing amongst themselves is hilarious The commentary throughout consisted pretty much of s**t, oh s**t which pretty much sum up rag bag rovers
  14. Hopefully this will be the holy trinity against Bournemouth and we give them a hell of a game
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