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  1. Alex Scott will be a premier league player in the future. He has excellent technique and is one of those players that just has so much time and vision and Benarous won’t be far behind. If we can keep hold of them for 4-5 years then we will do well
  2. I think everyone in football knows what there is to know about JB, he obviously has a long list of previous assaults both on and off the pitch and is a liability where ever he goes. What I find amazing is that he is still employable based on this
  3. Makes no difference if his wife pressed charges, if it was witnessed and reported then police are obliged to investigate
  4. Only seen the highlights but a few decent attacks and a better final ball May have led to a goal or two Defensively we looked fairly solid Early days still and first pre season game a creditable 0-0 against a team 2-3 weeks ahead of where we are
  5. I would agree, I think he struggles with the Championship and would be better suited to a less hectic league I don’t think NP rates him or thinks he’s what he needs at the moment. I think Nagy is also a player that is at the wrong place at the wrong time If we can get £6m for the both then take it and use it on a striker/winger
  6. We are in a pretty healthy position and like you said, there are quite a few clubs who are going to be in a fair bit of trouble. If there are 8/9 who get a points deduction then it’s a good time to take a hit for them even if they start at a negative points position It means the others have a head start and puts them at an advantage because of their financial prudence or parachute payments At least it lessens our chances of being relegated but also improves any potential play off push if NP gets the team to click straight away?
  7. I’m thinking the same, NP won’t want to make us to make up the numbers. He is a winner and expects his teams to be at it so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got in the play offs
  8. I think you may be waiting a long time as he’s well down the pecking order
  9. 50/50 game but with home advantage and probably the better options from the bench I think we will scrape it and score the decisive winning goal in the last 15mins
  10. It was his team, he lived and loved every moment and I’m amazed and disappointed the club haven’t named a stand or had a statue put up. In some respects his contribution was as important as the 8 players who ripped up their contracts The first freight rover trophy win will forever stay in my memory and his post match interview still brings a lump in my throat A great man who we have owe a big debt of gratitude
  11. We’ll that’s a ringing endorsement
  12. With the talent available we should be ripping this lot apart but no - Southgate hoping we scrape through by playing attritional football with 7 defensive players
  13. Ffs Walker put the bloody ball in the box
  14. Not sure I can watch this game!! Its the Germans again and they have been our nemesis so many times
  15. Austria doing a good job on Italy. Conti and his players are an emotional cheating bunch and pleased Anthony Taylor isn’t falling for their antics
  16. They won’t beat Croatia and they will be dumped out of the tournament But they got a draw with the mighty English And that’s the extent of their ambition
  17. Not what Southgate just said
  18. Sick and tired of trying to counter threats of the opposition, just play players in their natural positions and let them worry about our strengths Fed up of Southgates negative approach
  19. CPR, must be serious
  20. I was expecting a lot more from this evening but appreciate we were missing the Man City, Chelsea & Man U contingent as well as Henderson & Sancho With it being so close to the tournament as well and players not wanting to pick up injuries it’s hardly surprising it was as dull as ditchwater
  21. Frees up a place for lingaard now
  22. If NP can improve the defence, midfield and attack then I will be happy Lets be honest last season was diabolical and most of it was the doing of Ashton/fitness team and in some part the situation of so many players being either allegedly injured or biding their time as they ran down their contracts hopefully we will have a reinvigorated squad bolstered with new signings and an appetite to make an impact next season i live in hope!!
  23. You would like to think NP has already sounded him out and got a positive response from the player
  24. What makes Coventry a better option, I’m pretty sure we are able to offer a better package to him
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