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  1. What are you basing that on?
  2. Steady. Can improve at both sides of his game but he's young and will. No glaring errors.
  3. Performance. Hated the football the last few years, I'd much rather play like we did against Swansea. I don't feel they have to be exclusive. To stay up perhaps, but to go to the top end of the table you need both.
  4. Baring in mind Tanner only came in late, and you've openly said Zac is not a fullback, you'd rather of signed a striker over Simpson? I think you're someone who just is never happy.
  5. It was in the Sun. Know I'm not going mental!
  6. I doubt that's the case. We may of been interest in him though?
  7. He's an Anti-Vaxxer.
  8. Actually if I remember rightly it was Alan Nixon in the Sun reporting it.
  9. Yes because he would be beaten for pace every time so he needed too.
  10. Just appointed Jevons as first team coach. No idea what he's like as a coach but good pedigree from Everton. Is it a bit of a job for the boys though?
  11. I reckon Scott Wells Kalas King Simpson Martin Janneh Vyner Bentley Dasilva Baker Classic big man little man up top.
  12. The most important part of this superb post.
  13. Bloody hell, it's like @Robbored and Gary 2.0!! Have a day off mate.
  14. Pretty sure there were offers for Preston and Luton games, really cheap tickets, which would of helped with the crowd.
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