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  1. Not a shock. Same as the houses of parliament!
  2. He's only just come out, and you know his type already do you? Perhaps it's into chubby men? Do you not change at your gym? I do, and there's gay men in there.
  3. Sorry got you confused with Pilred who wouldn't be confortable!
  4. So just to confirm, you'd not be happy sharing a changing room at the off chance a gay guy can find you attractive, but you're happy to watch women in bikinis eat ice creams and have those thoughts?
  5. Only guessing, as he didn't make the bench the final few games of the season.
  6. Cisse just off the front men? Sarll out. Clueless!
  7. If we didn't have such a good front Three I'd absolutely say so! On a free, proven Champ scorer.
  8. If I were any mid to lower table championship club I'd be all over this deal!
  9. Fair. I don't think anyone would disagree with FGR would be Chelsea's Women. But also not sure why it's relevant.
  10. So what is your point? Based on that Chelsea Women are a bigger club?
  11. Yes. But doesn’t mean Chelsea Women aren’t a good side, they are one of the best women teams around. They also, and just googling, look to have a higher average attendance than FGR. 3k vs 2.5k.
  12. Disagree. Like the Scott one, partly due to it gets a lot of people singing.
  13. Wonder what his Italian is like?
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