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  1. Anyone know if it's always this poor or just connection problems at the moment?
  2. They’re really not, I’m a computer scientist myself(ish), their code isn’t even open source which I find odd. For 1 single goal there are hundreds of variables, let alone say 10,000 goals for them to try to compute what is universally expected. There’s no science with a hard S, so to say they know exactly what a xG is.. just isn’t that believable. I’d be interested to see how they work it out.
  3. And they create the algorithm, so they decide essentially
  4. xG can only be as accurate as the data guys that create the algorithm, who are they to say what should be a goal or not
  5. Exeter stream their games for free anyway, so I think we didn't really have a say in that matter. I'd assume it's a mixed bag, I think Villa is the only game where we might be able to take anything away from that re squad selection.
  6. “Do you ask me what you should regard as especially to be avoided? I say, crowds; for as yet you cannot trust yourself to them with safety… To consort with the crowd is harmful; there is no person who does not make some vice attractive to us, or stamp it upon us, or taint us unconsciously therewith. Certainly, the greater the mob with which we mingle, the greater the danger… Much harm is done by a single case of indulgence or greed; the familiar friend, if he be luxurious, weakens and softens us imperceptibly; the neighbor, if he be rich, rouses our covetousness; the companion, if he be slanderous, rubs off some of his rust upon us, even though we be spotless and sincere. What then do you think the effect will be on character, when the world at large assaults it! You must either imitate or loathe the world.”
  7. The whole “I won’t be forced into anything” argument falls apart when it’s spoken by people working a 9-5 for 60 years of their life.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/georgiabarton3/
  9. “Perhaps he was pruning his trees from which a branch fell and hit a neighbour, maybe he booted his football through someone's window. Alternatively, he may have been evicting a stalker/thief/tre****ser or (as supposedly rumoured) confronting a dog walker who's dog had fouled on his property. I'd hope and prefer it to be something of this nature. I do get the feeling others have already hung him as a wife beater and are fueled by their dislike of him. I get that this is embarrassing, and reflects poorly on the club, but some of the comments here are a disgrace”
  10. “I guees like alot of people maybe I jumped the gun-The questions I guess answer themselves as the players came. The Sun is a rag paper and not worth even reading. I want JB to succeed I read his book "No Nonsense" and get why he had anger control problems. What will happen if we have a bad start te crowd will turn so thats why i am not sure he should stay-I hope he dose and we get behind him In a so called male dominated sport- Premiership Players who played for England in the Euros had sex parties during lockdown-so is this abusing women Wayne Rooney visited prostitutes-So is this abusing women What happened between JB and his wife as she said private but someone for whatever reason felt it needed exposure. With the up and coming Court Case re Stendell it seems very convenient ”
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