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  1. According to BCFC website in July, the EFL and Sky have reached an agreement. Unless Sky choose a City match for midweek broadcast, we can pay £10 to watch it on Robins TV. This means Tuesday's game at home to Luton will be on Robins TV. It should be confirmed 48 hours before the game. This has nothing to do with having a VPN. If we live in the UK, we will be allowed to watch it for a tenner. The red button option has a maximum number of games per team that can be shown (8 iirc). As another poster has already said, it's too early in the season for Sky to option a red button match.
  2. Indeed Phil I am. If Samsung says it's Atyeo, then Samsung must be correct....or I have programmed my phone accordingly or this Verdicchio Wine is amazing or all 3 etc!
  3. I give up. 3 times I've tried to edit the deliberate misspelling. My phone won't let me spell John's name incorrectly. Major doffing of the cap to Samsung.
  4. I was one of those who couldn't remember if his surname was Atyeo or Atyeo. Then my word association (football) kicked in. His last syllable is also the first for the Celtic in disguise club from Somerset.....unless it is actually spelt Eyovil Town! Sorted!
  5. Glass half full/half empty variations. If I had a half empty glass of beer and someone offered me a refill, I would say, "Yes please." That to me is a positive attitude. Apparently, that's not what the expression means. Subjective.
  6. Yep. Radio Briz confirms he has tonsillitis.
  7. Can't be moved to Fry's any more. Away team advantage...amongst other reasons
  8. There's one thing about doing their jobs, but there's another thing about asking decent open questions. Once you get to 50 years old, you automatically become more grumpy and all of a sudden pedantry becomes important. Don't get me started on bad grammar and poor punctuation!
  9. And Branston is just up the road from tomorrow night's game. You can't say you don't learn anything on this forum!
  10. And he's great at heading. He's a jumper.
  11. I remember. You were half correct. Actually he got tackled by Evander Sno.
  12. He looks like Matt Damon. What film is this taken from? Pity it isn't a Dorset accent. The film could be called Bourne Mouth.
  13. A great article. https://theathletic.com/3372897/2022/07/28/the-92-club-football-grounds/ I also bought the Simon Inglis book in 1982. It would often go with me on Coach 2 back in the day. The rules are interesting for qualification purposes re joining the 92. However, how many have done the 92 clubs with only one rule, that Bristol City were playing there at the time? In that case, I have done 73. Old Trafford doesn't count as I was watching England in a World Cup qualifier. But then what about visiting the grounds that are current for the particular club? I went to Roker Park in mid 90s (we drove. 0-0 btw). That won't count even though I'm scheduled to go to Stadium Of Light in Feb 23. Using this rule I am nearing 50 clubs. The 2 clubs demoted from the EFL were visited by me but then so are the new clubs to re-join League 2. I am sure there are some otibers that have achieved 92 status. If he hasn't, Slartibartfast would be pretty close. So, how many clubs have you visited (old stadium counts) purely to watch BCFC? How many current league grounds have you visited purely to watch BCFC?
  14. When Nige stops midway through a sentence does anyone else think of helping him out to finish it? One of his pauses was immediately after he said "The days of...." I shouted out Pearly Spencer. Amazingly, I got it wrong!
  15. I thought it was a U2 reference. Boy, there could be others!
  16. Having been trained in the art of developing questionnaires, I doubt ifit was written by a professional in this line of business. A good try by someone within BCFC but I left too many blank questions. As already pointed out, I heard massive amounts of horrible racist abuse directed at a Forest player. I decided not to answer it as it was when we were in the old First Div over 40 years ago. Yet the question said Had I Ever Heard at the Gate. We've moved on since 1979 and had I answered Yes the survey report could have serious misleading answers based in this question alone.
  17. Stop press.... just went to the fridge to get a beer and found a hidden Thatcher's Gold. Life is officially good again. Happiness is a cider called Thatcher's.
  18. get me going on the heatwave. What heatwave? Mind blowin' decision not to have it here me thinks!
  19. Couple of questions that on the grand scale of annoyance most probably wouldn't score too highly BUT.... Regarding transport there was no tick box for plane. I attended 2 games last season. Without Easyjet, I wouldn't have been at QPR or Stoke. And finally.... the question where do I live in the UK? I can hear a certain dead politician spinning in his grave....I was offered the choice of England, Scotland, Wales or outside Great Britain. Firstly, Northern Ireland is PART OF THE UK.. Secondly, Northern Ireland is NOT part of Great Britain. I can't, therefore, answer this blatantly racist question! I feel excluded and I feel unwanted as a result. I wish I had never gone to school and have learned the difference between UK and GB.. If only I hadn't married a Northern Irish girl and moved over here then I could have answered this question. I'm so upset, I'll have to open a beer. I can't have a Thatchers as the local Tesco has sold out. And don't g
  20. That's why we should in future only buy players via the internet. No quibble return policy within 14 days.
  21. Fantastic news Estonia. Thanks for sharing. I am concerned though that you might be getting a knock off version. My version has Gary Owers!
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